11 Delightful Free Knitting Patterns for Fingerless Mitts Kids Will Love

For the children and/or teens in your life, these free patterns for fingerless mitts and gloves make wonderful gifts as the weather gets colder

Back when my younger daughter was in elementary school, I was walking with her and noticed her covering her mouth with her hands and blowing on them in an attempt to warm them up.

I said to her, “It looks like you could use some mittens or gloves.” “Uh-huh!” she said, as she continued to try to warm up her poor chilly hands.

After chatting with her a bit about what she would like (she wanted fingerless gloves, with separate fingers), I went home and hit Ravelry in an attempt to find the perfect pattern for her smaller hands.

At the same time, I thought, “I’ll bet I’m not alone in an interest in fingerless mitt or glove knitting patterns for kids.”

So here is a collection of free knitting patterns for fingerless gloves and mittens for the young ones in your life. Whether you’re knitting for your children, your grandchildren, your nieces or nephews, or charity, I think you’ll find the perfect pattern below!

(And if you need fingerless gloves or mitts for yourself or another adult, take a look at these patterns or these, for convertibles!)

My Favorite Fingerless Glove/Mitt Yarns

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  1. I absolutely love Knit Picks’ Swish DK yarn; the colors are outstanding, and the merino wool content makes this yarn soft and warm. (And, it’s machine washable!)
  2. I’m a sucker for a beautiful tweed, and few are more beautiful than Knit Picks’ City Tweed DK.
  3. Knit Picks’ Gloss DK is a combination of merino wool and silk, making it feel super luxurious as well as warm. I love its delicate shine, too.

Free Knitting Patterns for Fingerless Mitts or Gloves for Children and Teenagers

Bhren’s Fingerless Gloves

Bhren’s Fingerless Gloves: Here is a pattern that will fit bigger children and teenagers. This is the one I chose for my younger daughter (who is already almost the size of her big sister!). I liked that it has separate fingers and uses DK-weight yarn, which I prefer for fingerless gloves.

Hooray for Me Gloves: This is another larger child/teenager pattern with separate fingers. I’m absolutely fascinated by her method of using double knitting to make the fingers!

Hooray for Me Fingerless Gloves for Kids
Hooray for Me
Photo: Marnie MacLean

Just Enough Mitts: I like that this pattern creates a very small mitt, perfect for transitioning from summer to fall or winter into spring. I also like the seed stitching. This is a good pattern for bigger children or teenagers, too.

Tween to Teen Fingerless Mitts: I am a big fan of ribbing when it comes to knitting for kiddos, because I always worry about fit! These will be nice and snug for older children up to teenagers, and as a bonus, it’s definitely unisex.

Half-Pint Fingerless Gloves: Wondering where the smaller child patterns are? They start right here! These adorable mitts are perfect for toddlers on up. As a bonus, there’s a set of directions for matching mitts for mama, too.

ZigZag fingerless mitts for kids
ZigZag Fingerless Gloves
Photo: Whole Earth Education

Zigzag Fingerless Gloves: If you don’t mind a little seaming, these mitts are sure to be a hit with absolutely everyone you knit them for! You can make these for children as well as adults — everyone will love the fun zigzag design.

Align Mitts: Another fun pattern that stretches (literally!) from children to adults. It’s specifically designed to be a very stretchy mitt that will fit nearly anyone.


Knucks: Believe it or not, this incredibly popular fingerless glove pattern comes in a kid’s size, and it really does fit young children! This is still one of my all-time favorite fingerless glove patterns. The embroidery options are such fun.

Glove Bites
Photo: Vickie Howell

Leap!: These fingerless lovelies are designed to showcase pretty yarn rather than a particular stitch pattern. Variations are available for both mitts and gloves, and you can make them for children up to adults.

Glove Bites: I love these stylish mitts that fit older children and teenagers; they feature fun ruffly cuffs. We can’t expect any less from a fabulous Vickie Howell pattern!

Lightweight Lolita
Photo: Sophie Millward Shoults

Lightweight Lolita: One last pattern for older girls. They feature both eyelet lace and pretty ties. You can even make a matching cowl!

Why not join me in knitting for kids, with one or more of these free patterns?

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