6 Free, Delightful Knitting Patterns for Babies to Greet Spring with Joy

Springtime is the perfect time to knit for babies! You’ll love these adorable free patterns

Do you ever consider hanging up your needles in the springtime?

No dedicated knitter really wants to set aside their needles when the weather grows warmer, right? And yet… few dedicated knitters really want to knit heavy clothes for adults (or way-too-tall teenagers) when springtime arrives, either.

That’s why, when springtime beckons, it’s a fabulous time to turn to sweet, tiny knitting projects. In other words: bring on the baby knitting patterns!

The collection of free knitting patterns for babies you’ll find below are perfect for baby shower gifts, for charities that serve babies (or underprivileged mothers), or even for your own baby!

1. Chill Out Bib

  • What you’ll need to make it: 1 skein of worsted weight cotton yarn; US size 5 or 6 needles (whichever gives a close enough weave–you want this to be a rather tight fabric).
  • Why you’ll want to: Of course, no one with a baby will ever turn away a bib. But if you’re going to make one, why not make one as sweet as can be? This adorable bib features the too-cute image of a penguin.

2. Me and My Shadow Baby Hoodie

  • What you’ll need to make it: 300 to 450 yards worsted weight yarn; US Size 10.5 straight and/or circular needles, 16-in (if you like knitting flat on circular needles, you can skip the straight needles and just use the circular needles throughout); stitch markers and stitch holders; 3 buttons
baby hoodie knitting pattern
Me & My Shadow Baby Hoodie
Photo: jjlrdomom on Ravelry
  • Why you’ll want to: This adorable little sweater is the perfect thing to help a baby transition from winter into springtime. The texture and eyelets are simply too precious to ignore.

3. Bernat Kiddie Korners Knit Blankie

  • What you’ll need to make it: 660 yards super-bulky yarn; US Size 11 circular needle, 29-in
  • Why you’ll want to: This adorable baby blanket pattern couldn’t be easier to knit, with its corner-to-corner construction. What I love most about it is that, while you can certainly follow the pattern exactly, you could conceivably make this blanket any size you wish. To make the blanket a different size, just keep increasing as the pattern calls for, until the sides are the length you want; then you can follow the pattern to decrease until it’s time to bind off.

    (This can work especially well if you want to use yarn that isn’t super-bulky weight, too.)

    Also, while this pattern is particularly well-suited to self-striping yarn, you can always use multiple yarn colors for your own stripes, if you’d prefer!

4. – 6. Bernat Leaf & Lace Set

  • What you’ll need to make it:
    • For jacket: 720 yards DK weight yarn; US Size 4 and 5 needles; US Size F/5 crochet hook; stitch markers and stitch holders; 2 buttons
    • For bonnet and booties: 360 yards DK weight yarn; US Size 4 and 5 needles; stitch markers; 1.5 yards 3/8-in ribbon
  • Why you’ll want to: The eyelet designs on all three of these patterns really do give these gorgeous designs a leafy-and-lacy appearance! You can create all three projects to offer a complete set, or you can create just one or two. Either way, they make perfectly precious gifts.

No need to wait for the weather to get cooler again. When spring is on the way, there’s no better way to welcome it than with a delightful baby knitting project!

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