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5 Free, Delightful Knitting Patterns for Babies to Greet Spring with Joy

free knitting patterns for babies

Springtime is the perfect time to knit for babies! you’ll love these adorable free patterns

Few dedicated knitters are willing to hang up their needles in the springtime. On the other hand, who wants to knit heavy clothes for adults (or even way-too-tall teenagers)?!

No, when the weather begins to warm, it’s a much better time to start knitting sweet tiny projects. In other words, this is the perfect time to bring out the baby knitting patterns!

These 5 free knitting patterns for babies are perfect for baby shower gifts, for charities that serve babies (or underprivileged mothers), or even for your own baby!

1. Chill out bib

No one with a baby will ever turn away a bib! But why not make it extra-adorable? This sweet bib pattern features a cute penguin.

baby hoodie knitting pattern
Me & My Shadow Baby Hoodie
Photo: jjlrdomom on Ravelry

2. Me and My Shadow Baby Hoodie

Spring so closely follows winter that sometimes, it can be a bit nippy. With this free pattern, you can keep baby warm in style.

3. Turtle Cove Baby Blanket

free knitting patterns for babies
Turtle Cove Baby Blanket
Photo: bessie4dogs on Ravelry

This baby blanket is the perfect size! It’s perfect for car seats and strollers, and it’s small enough for a baby to carry around as his/her favorite blankie as s/he grows. This lovely pattern will find many uses in years to come.

4. & 5. Beautiful Baby Bonnet & Booties

Erika Knight designed this gorgeous, vintage-style pattern set several years ago. The hat is more of a short beanie with the most adorably sweet lace pattern around the brim. And it matches the precious Mary Jane-style booties perfectly.

No need to wait for the weather to get cooler again…

What are you waiting for? Spring is here, and there’s no better way to welcome it than a delightful baby knitting project!.

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