9 Adorable (and Free!) Slipper Patterns to Keep Children’s Feet Warm

These cozy and sweet knitted slippers for children will make any child light up with glee

On a chilly morning, or by the dying hours of a chilly evening, there are few things quite as cozy as a warm pair of slippers. Most handknitted gifts are received with pleasure, but trust me: if you really want to make someone’s eyes light up, give them a pair of slippers!

(I used to knit my father a pair of slippers every year for Christmas. He loved them.)

Children are no different from adults in this aspect. In fact, if you have uncarpeted floors in your home, you’ll probably find children will love slippers all the more. I’m sure you know what I mean… watch as your floors turn into sheets of ice and their slippers become ice skates!

Slippers aren’t always luxury items, either. In parts of the world with a cold climate, and impoverished parts of the world where nights get quite chilly, slippers are necessities.  This makes knitted slippers a terrific charity project.

What follows is a collection of slippers just for children. Some of them are whimsical, others mostly practical, but all will be greatly appreciated by any child!

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Free Knitting Patterns for Children’s Slippers

Plush Puppy Slippers: How could I not start with this ridiculously adorable pattern? Any child receiving these slippers might spend as much time cuddling them as they do wearing them!

Family of Slippers: This makes both a great gift idea for a family and a great idea for charity knitting, perhaps for homeless shelters. This pattern has options for every size from toddler to adult.

Tuula - DROPS Design Garn Studio

Tuula: The DROPS yarn website has an amazing selection of free knitting patterns from its Garn Studio, starting with this lovely striped felted boot design.

Daffodil Dancers - DROPS Design Garn Studio
Daffodil Dancers

Daffodil Dancers: Another DROPS special, this lovely pattern produces just-below-ankle length slippers, felted and adorned with adorable little flowers.

Sweet Sara: These Mary Jane-styled slippers have an interesting ribbed texture to make them stand out from the ordinary.

Want more ways to bring smiles to children? Check out other articles featuring knitting patterns for children (and babies) here!

Sweet Sara - DROPS Design Garn Studio
Sweet Sara
Patons Kid’s Elf Slippers
Photo: Yarnspirations

Patons Kid’s Elf Slippers: From Patons yarns comes these adorable elf-like knitted (and then felted) slippers. Click the “Download Free Pattern” button to access.

Spot Shots: How’s this for a terrific idea: slippers as floor-cleaning devices! This clever pattern was the brainchild of a group of knitting designers who recognized an ingenious brainstorm following a spilled drink during a retreat. Know anyone who’d rather dance around a room to clean the floor than mop it (aside from everyone)? How about children who would enjoy helping with chores by doing the same? If so, these slippers make perfect gifts.

This pattern offers both child and adult sizes for just this reason. Also, the pattern offers two varieties: dust mop and wet mop.

Santa's Slippers - DROPS Design Garn Studio
Santa’s Slippers

Santa’s Slippers: The final DROPS pattern here offers felted elf-like boots. Make them for Christmas in red or green, or use any color you desire.

knitted slipper patterns for children
Ruby Slippers
Photo: Lion Brand

Ruby Slippers Pattern: This precious slippers pattern, though written primarily for babies, can be lengthened to make it work for older children, too.

So if you’d like to warm a child’s heart and feet–and see those adorable faces light up with a smile? Try one of these sweet knitted slipper patterns for children.

9 Adorable Knitted Slipper Patterns for Children
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