Warm Your Toes with 9 Adorable, Free Slipper Patterns

free slipper patterns

They’re warm, they’re free, they’re cute, and they’re perfect for charity knitting projects. Check out these delightful free slipper patterns 

A reader once wrote to me that one of her favorite charity knitting projects was house shoes, or slippers. She commented, “I put puffy paint on the bottom to make them non-skid… usually I knit a pile of shoes, paint them, then mail them.”

She added that she usually sends these to cancer patients.

It struck me what a wonderful charity knitting project slippers can be. They are magnificent indulgences that, at the same time, are tremendously beneficial and practical.

I can think of several charities that would welcome knitted slippers: cancer charities, for people who spend a lot of time in hospitals and treatment centers; domestic violence and homeless shelters; Native American reservations; orphanages.

So, in this spirit, let’s take a look at a variety of free knitting patterns for slippers.

Knit One of These Free Slipper Patterns

Seamless Saloma’s Slippers
Photo: Megan Williams

Seamless Saloma’s Slippers: These slippers are knitted from the bottom up and are completely seamless. They stretch to fit a variety of sizes.

Non-Felted Slippers, Biscotte’s Version: Here’s another pair of slippers knitted in the round. They are styled a bit differently than the previous pattern.

Nola’s Slipper Pattern: This non-felted slipper pattern is used by the Seamen’s Church Insitute-Christmas at Sea, which is another great knitting charity. It serves hard-working mariners during the Christmas holidays. (Scroll down to the bottom of the page, where you’ll find a series of links to PDF patterns.)

Bea’s Slippers: Here’s a slipper pattern that comes in multiple sizes and requires just a single skein of worsted-weight yarn. It also knits up quickly.

Linda’s Slippers (Lindan Tossut): Available in both English and Finnish, this is a traditional pattern that originated in the 1950s to 60s in Finland. It features an attracted striped pattern.

Crocodilly Mocs for Women and Newborns: These adorable moccasin-styled slippers featured a crcocodilian-textured cuff, and it comes in both an adult size and a baby size.

Knit Felt Slippers for Adults: Felted slippers are often even warmer than non-felted slippers. They’re wonderful for keeping chilly toes warm.

Elf Shoes: This is another pair of felted slippers with adorable elfin styling. These would be darling for children.

Felted Slippers: These slippers are extremely simple: just knit squares and follow the attached diagram to sew them together, then felt. Knit them in complementary colors for an endearing design.

Enjoy trying your hand at any or all of these knitted slipper patterns!

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