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For the Perfect Gift, Try One of These Popular Bedspread Blanket Patterns

If you’re looking to knit a gift that will be as much fun to give as it is satisfying to create, look no further than one of these popular bedspread blanket patterns! A bedspread makes an amazing wedding, graduation, or housewarming gift. If that’s what you want to do, kudos to you for your generosity! Knitting a bedspread requires a genuine commitment of time and resources; after all, it takes a lot of yarn to create a bedspread. But when you’re finished, you will know the joy of creating such a tremendous project. And if you give it away, you will feel the joy of touching someone else’s life with a very special gift. The following are several of the most popular bedspread blanket knitting patterns available online, courtesy of Ravelry.com’s pattern browser.

Popular Bedspread Knitting Patterns

Waffle Blanket: You can make this pretty pattern the size of a baby blanket or up to a bedspread. Zig-Zag Spread: The zig-zag or chevron-striped blanket is an enduring blanket pattern that looks great on any bed. A Blanket for Seriously Cold People: Here’s a pattern that is perfect for beginners who want to create a huge (and very warm) blanket! The Ron Weasley Blanket: If you or someone you love is a Harry Potter fan, this blanket is a must-make project. Lengthy and detailed, but undoubtedly worth it. Diagonal Rib Mitered Square Blanket: Here’s a mitered square bedspread pattern that can look very symmetrical or very random, depending upon the color combinations used. Hexa-ghan: An afghan pattern made up of hexagons, this pattern can be adjusted to create a baby blanket, throw, or bedspread. Easy as Pie: Another blanket pattern that can be whatever size you like, depending on how many squares you knit and put together. Each square holds a beautiful circle designed to look like a pie graph — thus its name. Knitting one of these beautiful blanket patterns as a bedspread will create a great gift — for you or for yourself!