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Any of These 7 Free Bedspread Patterns Makes a Perfect Gift

Want to knit a gift that’s as fun to give as it is satisfying to create? Look no further than one of these delightful bedspread blanket patterns!

7 free bedspread knitting patterns

For a stunning wedding, graduation, or housewarming gift, there’s really no more exciting item to knit than a bedspread!

  • BEAUTY – When you take a look at the incredible patterns listed on this page, I think you’ll know that any one of these would be treasured!
  • COMMITMENT – There’s simply no denying the effort and resources that goes into a handmade bedspread. Anyone would be touched by the love that drives such commitment!
  • PERSONAL TOUCH – A bedspread is something you create for someone you know very well and love tremendously. Imagine the delight of someone receiving a gift so heartfelt!

Knitting a bedspread, of course, requires a genuine commitment not only of time but also of resources. It takes a lot of yarn to make a bedspread, and it takes a heck of a lot of time, too! No one who receives such a gift will be able to deny the tremendous commitment involved.

At the same time, I think it’s easy to imagine the genuine joy and excitement of someone receiving a handmade bedspread as a gift. After all, anyone can buy a bedspread. But to make one? That shows such love!

And if you really want to bring a smile to your gift recipient’s face, try one of the gorgeous bedspread knitting patterns below. They’re all free, and they will all make a perfect gift for someone special!

Need Blanket Yarn? Here Are Some Fabulous, Affordable Options!

  • Lion Brand’s Pound of Love may well be the First Lady of affordable blanket yarn!
  • Knit Picks’ Brava Worsted is a durable, frugal, washable workhorse that’s perfect for blankets.
  • “Thick-Ish,” found on Etsy, is a great deal that comes in a gorgeous array of colors.
Zig Zag Spread
Zig-Zag Spread
Photo: Anna & Heidi Pickles

Beautiful Bedspread Knitting Patterns for the Perfect Gift

Waffle Blanket: You can make this pretty pattern the size of a baby blanket or as large as a bedspread.

Zig-Zag Spread: The zig-zag pattern, or chevron stripes, is a design that has stood the test of time. It looks great on any bed!

Ron Weasley Blanket - bedspread pattern
Ron Weasley Blanket by Penguineer
Photo: Jackie Wierzbicki

A Blanket for Seriously Cold People: This pattern is perfect for knitting beginners who want to create a huge (and very warm) blanket!

The Ron Weasley Blanket: If someone you love is a Harry Potter fan, this blanket is a must-make project. Lengthy and detailed, but undoubtedly worth it.

Diagonal Rib Mitered Square Blanket - bedspread pattern
Diagonal Rib Mitered Square Blanket
Photo: Joan Marie

Diagonal Rib Mitered Square Blanket: The mitered square is one of my favorite stitch patterns! It’s so much fun and creates such beautiful geometrical design. This bedspread pattern can look very symmetrical or very random and colorful, depending upon the color combinations used.

Hexa-ghan - bedspread pattern
Photo: verybusymonkey

Hexa-ghan: An afghan pattern made up of hexagons, this pattern can be adjusted in size to create a baby blanket, throw, or bedspread.

Easy as Pie: Another blanket pattern that can be whatever size you like, depending on how many squares you knit and put together. Each square holds a beautiful circle designed to look like a pie graph — thus its name.

For someone very special who’s getting married, graduating, or moving to a new home, why not consider one of these incredible bedspread patterns?

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  1. Although I have never attempted to knit a bedspread–I have knit many, many baby blankets and stroller blankets. However, a dear friend of mine who enjoys handmade quilts has made baby, chlldren, twin, and king size quilts for her five children. And, her hours of love with each stitch, she has 9 quilts finished for future great-grandchildren. Each quilt is certain a keepsake forever.

    I receive so much personal award for knitting hats, scarves, sweaters, blankets, fingerless mitts, headwarmers for any age. Charity if very much appreciated.

    1. Absolutely, Sandra. I haven’t yet attempted a bedspread myself (though I’ve knitted many throws), but someday I would absolutely love to do so, to make a special and unique gift for someone I love.

      Thank you!