Are You an Aussie in Need of a Knitting Charity?

Are you an Australian knitter in search of a knitting charity that needs your help? Check out the charities shown here!

When I think “Australia,” I always think of bitingly cold winters and worry about the folks who need to…

… wait. Australia? Cold winters? Oops.

Yes, Australia isn’t exactly known for its chilly climate, is it? The land of kangaroos and koalas and surf and sun, yes. A need for warm woolen hats, scarves, mittens, and so on… not so much.

So if you’re an Australian knitter who wants to help people in need with your craft, are you out of luck?

Fortunately, I’m happy to say that the answer is “No worries, mate!” Below are three fabulous charity knitting organizations that operate in the beautiful nation of Australia. You’re sure to find the right one for you from the following!

Not an Aussie? Visit this page to find the knitting charities written about on this site, categorized by location!

Knit 4 Charities

Knit 4 Charities may be the biggest and most well-known knitting charity in Australia. Several Australians have informed me about this fantastic organization, and I was so excited to learn more about it.

Knit 4 Charities has three state branches: southern Australia, western Australia, and Tasmania. Rather than helping one sole cause or organization, the knitters and crocheters (yes, those who crochet are welcome too!) behind Knit 4 Charities support many different causes.

Every month, Knit4Charities offers a different set of three groups to create items for. This diversification makes Knit 4 Charities a wonderful group for anyone who enjoys knitting or crocheting a variety of different projects throughout the year for charity. You can keep an eye on the various projects throughout the year on their calendar.

Please take a look at the Knit4Charities website to get an even greater feel for the amazing and extensive work done by members of this fantastic charity!

Knit One, Give One (KOGO)

This is one of Australia’s longest-running knitting charity, as it began to emerge into life in July 2004. As so many knitting charities do, it started with friends and family who decided to make scarves for the homeless. The next year they became an official charity, and membership quickly swelled to 200.

KOGO prides itself in creating for the most vulnerable members of the state of Victoria. These include homeless people, struggling families, refugees, at-risk children, indigenous communities, and women in shelters. They request many “typical” knitted items such as hats, booties, socks, sweaters, toys, mittens, scarves, and blankets.

From time to time they also have special particular needs, which they note on their website.

In addition to lists of needs, photos of donations, lists of recipients, drop-off points, and the like, the KOGO website provides a handy set of patterns that run the gamut from simple to more complex. So if you’re not sure what to knit, you can always scroll through their patterns for inspiration.

Wrap with Love

Based in Alexandria, Wrap with Love began in 1992 with the mission of providing warm, handmade wraps to as many needy people around the world as possible. As of this writing, they have no doubt succeeded beyond their wildest dreams:

  • 400,000 wraps have been donated
  • 75 countries (including Australia) have received wraps

Once Wraps with Love receives a wrap (or its volunteers stitch together donated squares to create wraps), they are taken to the central warehouse, from where they are sent to one of over 40 different partner organizations around the world.

(You can read more about the Wraps with Love process here.)

If you can knit, crochet, sew, or weave 25 x 25-cm (or 10 x 10-inch) squares and seam them together, you can easily create a wrap! Volunteer knitters are encouraged to join a knitting group; these are listed here.

If you’d like some guidance in creating squares (to ensure they are just the right size), you’ll find detailed instructions for squares here.

Once you’ve finished wraps and wish to donate them, you can call or email using the number or address on this page to learn the depot nearest you at which you can drop off your creations.

If you’re an Aussie and need an outlet for your knitting, you should definitely take a look at one of these organizations. I’m sure you’ll find that one of them is the perfect fit!

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  1. Hi

    when my mum passed a couple of years ago, she left behind boxes of wool. She was a busy crochet girl who made us all wonderful blankets. but now it’s time for me to give all this wonderful wool to someone who can make it into something for someone who needs it.

    I hope you can help me.

    thank you.

    1. Hello Maree, are you Australian? (I’m asking because you’ve left a comment on a post about Aussie charities.) If so, I would suggest you try contacting one of the charities written about here. They may be willing to take your mother’s wool and distribute it to their volunteer knitters and crocheters.

      If not, take a look at this blog post for ideas: https://www.knittingforcharity.com/trim-yarn-stash-donating.html

      Hope this helps!

  2. So wonderful! Although I reside in the USA–this information is so interesting and vital. Best wishes to this awesome organization–and may success be yours forever. Sandra

    1. Thank you, Sandra! Personally I love learning about all the ways all around the world that people are using their hobbies and skills to help others.