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Enjoy This Fuzzy Collection of Free Knitting Patterns for Cat Hats

Like cats or know someone who does? You’ll love this collection of free knitting patterns for cat hats

Two weeks ago, I shared a collection of free dog-themed hat knitting patterns with you. Today I take you all on the logical next step: knitting patterns for cat hats!

Oddly enough, there seem to be even more knitting patterns for cat hats than for dog hats. Why? My guess is that because of the way cats love yarn, cats are more inexorably linked with knitting in a way that dogs aren’t quite.

As with our dog hat patterns, this collection will be organized first by cat-shaped hat patterns, and then by patterns with a cat-like design within the hat, usually via colorwork.

Free Knitting Patterns for Cat Hats: Cat-Shaped

Cat Hat Knitting Pattern: This simply-named pattern is utterly adorable. It creates a white “cat” white with black ears, a black nose and whiskers, and wide eyes. It’s also knitted in chenille for extra softness.

Top This Kitten: This is actually one of a series of similarly-themed animal hat patterns. Like the others, it’s a plain hat on the bottom, but at the top you’ll find a sweet kitten! Other animals featured include a dog, a bunny, an elephant, an owl, and more!

Cat-eared Baby Hat: Need a quick, easy, and adorable hat for a baby? Here’s the pattern for you.

Nyan (Not Your Average Noggin) Cat Hat: “Nyan” has two meanings here. “Nyan” is the abbreviation for “not your average noggin” (ie, a big head!), and it’s also the name of a popular Internet video featuring a flying cat. Love the whimsy of this hat — you may well know just the person to give this to!

Baby Angora Kitty Cap: This adorably fuzzy hat is perfect for baby girls as well as baby boys.

Costume Hat: Here’s another hat pattern with variations. The four included are cats, bunnies, aliens, and dinosaurs.

Pussy Cat: This fun cat hat is a variation on a balaclava, so along with adorable ears, your neck will stay cozy and warm.

Hello Kitty Hat: Can you have a collection of free knitting patterns for cat hats without one featuring Hello Kitty? Of course not.

Easy Cat Hat: I like this one because in addition to cute ears, it features ear flaps, ties, and pom poms. Completely adorable!

Quick Newborn Beanie: This is, of course, an adorable cat hat for newborns (complete with a bow, for girls). But you can also leave off the ears and/or bow and make it a plain and simple newborn beanie.

Striped Kitty Cat Hat: This is a little different from other hats not only because it features stripes, but it also offers a really interesting texture that makes it far more interesting to knit.

Free Knitting Patterns for Cat Hats: Colorwork

Dr. Seuss Cat’s Hat: Just as you can’t have knitting patterns for cat hats without Hello Kitty, you also can’t very well have colorwork knitting patterns for cat hats without the Cat in the Hat.

Cat Hat: Kitties sitting on a brick wall!

Internet Defense League Cat Signal Hat: I have no idea what the title of this pattern means (perhaps one of my fearless readers do?), but I can tell you that this pattern creates a hat with a very large cat face on the front.

Witch Cats Hat: Perfect for Halloween, this hat features black cats everywhere. Not for the faint-hearted, but you’ll likely find it an incredibly rewarding project.

Kitty Cat Cabled Hat: This hat isn’t strictly colorwork, but it’s not cat-shaped either. The cat pictured is a result of both cables and duplicate stitch or embroidery.

Black Cats Beanie: Another beanie adorned with black cats, but with different designing than the other hat. Either of these would be a delightful challenge for Halloween.

Cats Paws: This is probably the simplest of this bunch; the lone colorwork consists of a line of cat paws dancing along the edge. Simple yet adorable.

Thanks to these free patterns for cat hats, you’ll never tire of knitting gifts for all the cat lovers you know!