Enjoy Some Knitting Fun and Take a Walk on the Wild Side

How can knitting fun give you a chance to indulge your wild side? Consider tattoos, mohawks, and other wild hairstyles and colors. Many of us would love to experience any or all of these, but without the drawbacks. (Wild hair colors or hairstyles don’t just disappear the next day… and tattoos are, I’ve heard, kind of painful.) Well, if this describes you, knitting can come to your rescue! We’ve rounded up knitting patterns that can allow you the fun of sporting a wild and crazy look that you can simply take off and set aside whenever you need or want to!

Patterns to Bring out Your Wild & Crazy Side

My Mohawk Hat: Whip up one of these fun hats for you, a friend, or a sassy child! Mohawk Hat: This Mohawk hat is crocheted, but I include it here to give you an idea of how you can add a “tattoo.” And if you’re an adept crocheter, you can give this a try too! Knucks: This is my all-time favorite fingerless glove pattern, and you can use embroidery or puffy paint to add knuckle “tattoos.” As a bonus, Knucks designer Pamela Grossman encourages you to sell these to anyone you want! Hallowig: Want to sport a neon hairstyle for a day? Knit up the brightest, loudest acrylic yarn in your stash and have fun! Scarecrow wig: A big mop of hair could be fun for a day, don’t you think? “No-Hair-Day” Hairy Chemo Cap: This was designed as a fun hat for someone who’s lost his or her hair due to chemo, but it’s great fun for anyone who’d like to sport a super-short “hairstyle,” perhaps in a wild color! So indulge in some knitting fun and take a walk on the wild side!