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Spread Joy This Easter with Free Patterns for 14 Knitted Bunnies

These adorable, free knitting patterns for bunnies can be added to any Easter basket to spark smiles

14 Free Knitted Bunny Patterns

Every year, my church offers the opportunity to provide an Easter basket for a foster child. It’s one of my favorite missions of our church, and I’m always excited at the opportunity to shower love on a child.

Your community may offer something similar. Or, you might get together with your knitting group and find a similar opportunity to shower children with love. Maybe a Boys and Girls club, a homeless shelter, or a Head Start, just to offer a few examples.

A project like this is also a delightful opportunity to knit some adorable bunnies! You might be surprised to find out just how many free knitted bunny patterns you can find online.

Of course, in addition to being wonderful charity projects, knitted bunnies also make adorable gifts for children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, and so on.

What I love about the patterns below is that most of them are super-small, which also makes them super-quick. You could easily knit at least 6 of some of these beauties, well before Easter!

(The ones that aren’t that tiny are so breathtakingly adorable that I couldn’t resist!)

So if you’re looking for a couple of cute bunnies to add to an Easter basket, check these out!

Free Knitted Bunny Patterns to add Joy to Any Easter Basket

Bunny Nuggets: This is far and away the most popular bunny pattern available online. It’s not hard to see why: you can knit these adorable little bunnies in a flash, and they’re simple and sweet. Plus, those long ears are irresistible.

Henry’s Rabbit
Photo: Sara Elizabeth Kellner

Henry’s Rabbit and Henry’s Bunny: This sweet mother-and-baby rabbit companion patterns are surprisingly lifelike. Aside from the seamed-on legs, you’ll knit these in the round.

Henry’s Bunny
Photo: Sara Elizabeth Kellner

Tiny Baby Bunnies: These tiny baby bunnies are even smaller than Bunny Nuggets. When you knit them according to the pattern, they’re the size of mini marshmallows! You can’t get much quicker than these bunnies.

Tumbling Bunnies - free bunny knitting pattern
Tumbling Bunnies
Photo: Simply Notable

Tumbling Bunnies: These are true toys! You can stuff them with beans and create beanbags. Kids who find them in their Easter baskets will have a great time tossing them about!

Little Baby Bunny - free knitting pattern
Little Baby Bunny
Photo: Justyna Kacprzak

Rabbit and Bear: This storybook-quality rabbit comes with a bear friend, along with patterns to make clothes for both. These patterns will truly make treasured friends.

Little Baby Bunny: Need a small seated bunny to knit in the round? This little fellow may be just what you need.

Huggie Bunnies - free bunny knitting pattern
Huggie Bunnies
Photo: Sandra Paul/Cherry Heart Designs

Huggie Bunnies: Another great addition to an Easter basket: these bunnies are designed to hold candy eggs, like Cadbury Crème Eggs. Clever!

Vintage Rabbit: This beautifully styled bunny has the look of the rabbit from the classic children’s tale “The Velveteen Rabbit.” Children will likely love this bunny just as much!

Mini-Reversible Duck to Bunny: Get two toys in one. It’s a duck! It’s a bunny! No, it’s a duck AND a bunny, depending on what side is facing out.

Rabbitty - free bunny knitting pattern
Photo: cheezombie

Rabbitty: These precious bunnies seem to have hopped straight out of a cartoon, with their big expressive eyes and their lively postures!

Rabbit - free knitting pattern
Photo: Blue Sky Fibers

Rabbit: This beauty is a companion to Spud & Chloe’s frog design, called Ribbit. Just like Ribbit, Rabbit can hold a bouncy ball inside its belly so it can really hop. I love its sweet expression and its curved ears.

Bunny Cubes - free knitting pattern
Bunny Cubes
Photo: Joey’s House

Bunny Cubes: These little guys are tiny and cube-shaped. You can create them with either curved or pointed ears. They’re so teeny, you may as well do both!

Miffy and Her Balloon: An adorable little bunny wearing a dress and holding a balloon. Need I say more?

This Easter, why not share joy with kiddos with a knitted bunny… or maybe a dozen?

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