Enjoy One of These Popular Free Felted Bag Patterns

Next in our popular patterns series, let’s look at felted bag patterns. Also known as “fulling,” the process of felting uses hot water and agitation to cause wool yarn stitches to disappear into one another, creating a thick, solid piece of fabric called felt. A felted bag has some advantages over a non-felted bag. Although some may choose to line a felted bag, it is not necessary because there are no holes for objects to poke through. Felted bags are by nature sturdier and harder-wearing. Also, because they are a solid fabric, it can be easier to attach embellishments such as buttons, snaps, or zippers. The following are some of the most popular free felted bag patterns available online, as offered by Ravelry.com’s pattern browser.

Popular Free Felted Bag Patterns

Garter Stripe Square Bag: Whether you felt this bag is entirely up to you; of course, felting creates a sturdier bag. Creating a series of squares that you sew together in a pattern means this is a great portable project.

Spinning Wheel Bag: Here’s a cute little felted bag that was designed to hang from a spinning wheel but can of course be used in a variety of ways.

Woolly Bully Bag: This pattern creates a classic, beautifully structured purse that can even contain an interior pocket!

Fantasy in Felt: Designed to be embellished however you want, this large bag makes a sturdy and beautiful tote bag.

Angela’s Fabulous Felted Bag: Ideal as a first felting project, this attractive bag has a rectangular shape designed to stand upright.

A Petite Felted Bag: Want a cute little bag that requires no seaming whatsoever? This is your bag!

Why not try one of these felted bag patterns and enjoy the magic of felting for yourself?