Yes, You Can Learn Double Knitting! 3 Tutorials & 5 Free Patterns

Want to learn how to create warm, reversible knitted creations? Give double knitting a try

Double Knitting

How would you like to use a knitting technique that features:

  • Warmth
  • Reversibility
  • Mirror-image coloring

Double knitting is that technique!

Maybe you have assumed that double knitting is a complex process that you don’t have time to learn. I thought so, too.

But a few years ago, I knitted a stuffed monkey as a gift for a friend’s child. I found a suggestion from someone else who used the same pattern that the ears of the monkey could be most easily worked using double knitting.

I loved the idea, and I decided that this was as good a time as any to learn double knitting! So I did some research and found the tutorials you see linked below.

Monkey (with double knit ear)
Monkey (featuring double-knit ear)

I read and/or watched them all and learned a little something different from each tutorial. I worked a starter swatch a few times to get the hang of it. And then I managed to complete one monkey ear in double knitting. All in just about an hour or two!

You may not be working monkey ears, but perhaps you would like to learn double knitting as well? If so, be sure to check out the tutorials linked below. Then, you can try one or more of the simple free double knitting patterns. You’ll soon find yourself double knitting like a pro!

Double Knitting Tutorials

Stitch Diva Tutorials, Double Knitting: I love this incredibly detailed, comprehensive tutorial! Each process of double knitting is linked to in its own section, and every step is carefully explained and demonstrated with photographs. You’ll also find special instructions for increasing, decreasing, short rows, edges, and even fixing mistakes.

Very Pink Knits’ Knitting Help – Double Knitting: If you prefer a video tutorial, you’ll definitely want to give this one a try. She demonstrates color knitting through the creation of a fun Harry Potter bookscarf — err, bookmark.

Basic Double Knitting Tutorial: Here is a pattern hosted on Ravelry that is actually a double knitting tutorial. By following the pattern, you’ll learn how to double knit, and you’ll have a lovely little motif block as a reward. (If you use cotton or linen yarn, you could use it as a coaster!)

Now that you’ve read/watched the tutorials, are you ready to try some patterns? Let’s go!

Simple Double Knitting Patterns

I (Heart) Babies cap - double knitted
I (Heart) Babies Cap
Photo: MKL Thompson

I (Heart) Babies Cap: Here’s an adorable baby hat with reversible heart motifs. It can be adapted for toddlers or children.

Team QED Nerd Wars Coaster: The name says it all — it’s fun, funny, and quick.

Thesis - double knit hat
Photo: Hadley Jolley

Thesis: So named because the designer created it to have something to work on while she procrastinated on her thesis. This is a beautiful reversible hat that looks far more difficult than it really is. Designer Hadley notes that for proper gauge, you’ll want to use an inelastic, slippery yarn like 100% silk or bamboo.

Double Knit Mittens: This pattern creates incredibly warm, thick mittens.

Simple Doubleknit Cashmerino Scarf: Any incredibly soft and warm yarn can create this thick, squishy, scrumptious scarf — not just cashmere and merino! This pattern also proves that you don’t need to use two colors for double knitting to create something warm and cozy.

I hope you can now see that double knitting really isn’t all that complicated. And I hope you’re inspired to give it a try!

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