Do You Hate Seaming Your Knitting? Here’s Help

These tutorials will turn your seaming-panic into seaming success!

Learn to seam knitting

Do you enjoy seaming knitting? Do you search for knitting patterns in which you seam pieces together? Or, do you actually go out of your way to avoid patterns that call for seaming?

When you see that dreaded word “seam,” does your heart sink? Do you make a habit of scanning a knitting pattern for terms like “knit in the round” and “seamless” and “knit in one piece”?

I was once in the latter camp. I despised seaming and actively avoided it as much as possible. I clung to my circular needles and DPNs because I would much prefer to knit my projects all in one piece.

Why? Two reasons: one, I liked knitting a lot more than I liked sewing. And two, my sewing tended to be sloppy.

One thing I’ve learned, though, is that knowledge isn’t just power! Knowledge also improves your skills, and nearly anything is more enjoyable when you’re more skilled.

Below are several seaming tutorials, any and/or all of which I hope will help you.

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Seaming Tutorials

Knit Simple: the Knit Simple seaming tutorial page includes several types of seams. These include stockinette, ribbing, and garter seams, just for starters! I love the illustrations in this tutorial; they’re very clear and easy to follow.

How to Seam Knitting: 7 Methods: All Free Knitting offers this set of video tutorials that demonstrate 7 popular seaming methods. It also includes several patterns to help you get comfortable with these techniques — never a bad idea!

Brooklyn Tweed’s Seaming 101: I love so many things about this set of tutorials. One, it provides a list of tools you’ll need for optimal seaming. Two, it gives you an excellent set of instructions for preparing for seaming — a step that I think is skipped so often.

Finally, its tutorials are exceedingly practical. Need to seam a couple of pieces side-by-side? Brooklyn Tweed has you covered. Need to seem your pieces top-to-top? Brooklyn Tweed can help with that, too.

Very Pink Knits’ Seaming & Grafting Videos: Staci Perry’s Very Pink Knits video tutorials are among my very favorites, and her collection here is exceedingly thorough. If you need help seaming help not covered in the above tutorials, you’ll likely find what you need here!

So there you have it: four tutorials that will help you overcome your fear of seaming. Be sure to keep them close the next time you knit a project that requires sewing up. We can always improve our seaming!

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