Have You Ever Thought of Looking for Discount Yarns Here?

3 places you may have never thought of when looking for discount yarns – and one way to get yarn FREE

Where to find discount yarns

When you first started knitting, did you have any idea that you might start seeing your cash disappear from your wallet as quickly as yarn disappears from your lap?

I know I certainly didn’t! But the sad truth is that if you love to knit, you’ll probably start buying yarn like crazy.

High-quality yarn can be quite expensive. And even acrylic yarn — which many charity knitters purchase because of its durability — can be pricey if you get the good stuff, or a lot of it.

The more you knit — and for those of us who love to knit, that’s pretty much all we’re doing during our free time! — the more yarn you’ll need.

And the more yarn you need? The more you’re likely to go in search of discount yarn.

Fortunately, it isn’t hard these days to find good yarn at great prices. You just need to know where to look…

3 Great Places for Looking for Discount Yarns

1. Thrift stores. The first place I always look for discount yarn is at thrift stores. Often knitters finish projects and still have yarn left over, so they donate it. Sometimes it’s still new, still with the wrappers on, and still perfectly knittable.

(Is “knittable” a word? Well, it should be!)

Check out this yarn I once found at a thrift store. This is Rowan Chunky Wool. Rowan is not a cheap brand at all… and I was able to score this ball for a cool $2! That is by far the best deal I’ve ever gotten on wool yarn.

And take a look at the super-cute boot toppers I made with it!

2. Local yarn shop. The next place to check for discount yarn is at your local yarn shop(s). Your first instinct might be to say, “Ugh, the yarn there is way too expensive!” But: most yarn shops have discount bins, or at least regular sales events – especially if it’s at the end of a season.

(And, you never know – if you mention that you’re knitting for charity, the store might discount the yarn!)

3. Garage sales. One final place I look for discount yarn is at garage sales. Again, I’ve found new skeins of amazing yarns that I might not otherwise be able to afford, just by rummaging at garage sales.

Also, if you don’t see yarn at a garage sale… ask if they have any yarn they’d like to unload. You’d be surprised at how many times I’ve heard of folks who didn’t want to bother even putting out their old yarn because they were sure no one would want it!

donated yarn - looking for discount yarns
So. Much. Donated. Yarn.

Finally, here’s one way you can get yarn absolutely free: just tell anyone you know of that you enjoy knitting for charity.

Knit in public. Knit among your friends. It won’t be long until everyone wants to unload their unwanted yarn off you. I’m not even kidding: at least HALF of my yarn stash has come from donations from people who know I love to knit!

So if you’re looking for discount yarn, don’t forget about those 3 places. And don’t forget to make your knitting love known. You may be surprised at how many donations you receive!

Got any more ideas for finding deeply discounted, or even free, yarn? Comment below!

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  1. I belong to a senior center knitting group (Vashon Island Senior Center Knitwits and Hookers)
    and often when a senior has died or needs to move they will bring us the yarn. We sort it, keep it if we want it and then pass the rest on to the Island second hand shop. We get some lovely yarn, often expensive, especially if the former knitter does not have other knitters to pass the yarn onto

  2. You can also find some nice yarns at some Dollar stores. Also, liquidation stores sometimes carry yarns at discounted prices.

  3. Hi I oftern find lovely yarn that may have been expensive when bought at estate sales. Also on days 2 and 3 it gets discounted to 25% and 50% off. I even old and unusual needles so I collect then also.

    1. Ah yes, Susan – estate sales can definitely be a great place to find inexpensive yarn! Thanks for sharing. 😊

  4. Hobby Lobby has a major yarn clearance every so often. The mark 75% off on colors that are being discontinued. I got a lot of yarn for chemo hats. Also, since most hats only take one ball, I can use all the “singles” they have!

    1. Absolutely, Betty! The nearest Hobby Lobby is maybe five minutes from my house, so I get more yarn there than I really need. 😂

  5. My local Ollie’s Discount Store often has lots of yarn. Last time they had Lion Brand Woolease for $2 per skein. I have also found different yarns at Dollar Tree stores. Thanks for the info!!

  6. There’s a Clearance button on Lion Brand’s website and they have some great yarns. Also, I can recommend Premier yarns; I’ve been able to buy some nice yarns at discount prices. I have a large plastic bin full of mohair yarn that I bought at a thrift shop when it first opened. Haven;t been that fortunate lately though. Don’t forget Freecycle! Costs nothing to join, but everything is FREE.

  7. I can say that thrift stores are a great place to get yarn. I work at a thrift store, and I put out yarn at serious discounts.

    1. Thanks Jennifer, that’s great to know! I’ll never forget that awesome Rowan score… I’m pretty sure I squealed. 😂

      1. Littleknits.com has high quality yarns discounted 25 to 80 percent. Also wonderful descriptions and pictures of their inventory. Well worth viewing the site.
        DBNY.com Has 2,3,and 5 dollar plus bag sales as well as individual skein sales
        Don’t forget Ravelry.com if you are looking for a specific yarn. List it under yarns and then check the stashed to see if anyone has it forsale or trade. If you are desperate for a little don’t be to embarassed to ask a member. There are lots of understanding people willing to help.
        Don’t forget e-bay.