Colorado Knitting Charities Help Warm Body and Soul

Live in Colorado? You can help so many people through one of these Colorado knitting charities

Colorado may be cold, but Coloradoan charity knitter hearts are not! Read on and find out how these wonderful Colorado knitting charities keep needy folks warm and toasty. 

Warm Hearts – Warm Babies

This wonderful charity provides clothing, blankets, and other essential items to premature and newborn babies in need. You can knit, crochet, sew, quilt, offer sorting and stuffing services, or offer financial or goods donations. They also offer work groups in and around Denver and Colorado Springs. For more information, visit their website or Like their Facebook page.

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One Nation, Walking Together

Here’s a Colorado-based organization that helps Native Americans in many ways. They help to educate Americans about Native American life and culture and to preserve that culture. They also provide valuable assistance to the struggling Native Americans in Colorado as well as several other states. You can read more about them and the Ravelry group that knits to support this organization in this Knitting for Charity article.

Tri-Lakes Cares

Finally, consider Tri-Lakes Cares. Located in a semi-rural area of Colorado, this non-profit agency helps those in need during emergency situations. Providing food, clothing, and household goods, they serve all ages and can use warm clothing from newborns all the way up to the elderly.

Operations Manager Kim Whisenhunt says, “We would welcome any knitted items you would like to donate, we can always use mittens and hats for adults and children and afghans come in handy for transients or new families in need. We are here every day of the week so feel free to drop off whatever you would like. Ring the doorbell if the door is locked…we are open to clients on Mondays and Thursday but here the rest of week.”

For contact information, including physical and mailing addresses, visit the Contact Us page on their website.

Why not join one of these Colorado knitting charities and offer warmth, love, and comfort?

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