7 Popular Ways to Knit Warm Hats You’ll Love

Offer the healing power of warmth with these popular free knitting patterns for hatsfree knitting patterns for hats

I’ve lost count of how many hats I’ve made since I became a knitter over ten years ago. I love that they knit up quickly, probably more quickly than any other wearable accessory. Finding bright and fun colors to weave in. Learning new, striking textures to bloom from the needles. The feel of squishy, springy ribbing. The delightful surprise of a pointy or pom-pom top.

As fun as they are to knit, what I really love about knitting hats is that they’re practical. You can knit them to help the homeless or as caps for people who have lost their hair from chemotherapy. Sure, they can be fashion statements as well. But at the heart of every hat is the need to stay warm. The humble hat makes this a fulfilled need.

The warming power of a hat can help save a life — like for a homeless person. And it can make life feel worth living — like for a person fighting cancer.

Popular Free Knitting Patterns for Hats

I know that the term “popular” can sometimes have a negative connotation. Personally, when I think “popular” I’m taken right back to high school. I’m sure I’m not the only one here who was hardly part of the popular crowd in high school (and desperately wished I was).

Fortunately, that’s not what I mean here! By “popular” I’m referring to the term used in the Ravelry.com pattern browser. “Popular” simply means a great many knitters have tried the pattern and enjoyed it. The way I see it, the more knitters have enjoyed knitting a pattern, the more likely I am to enjoy it!

For this very reason, here I’ve rounded up several free knitting patterns for hats that are at the top of the charts in popularity. I think you’ll find a pattern here you’ll love.

Turn A Square Hat: It’s easy to see why this pattern is popular. It’s attractive, unisex, warm, and fun! (This item is no longer free on its own, but you can receive it as a free gift when you sign up for the Brooklyn Tweed newsletter.)

Wurm: Another warm, fun, unisex hat. I love the “scrunchiness” provided by the vertical ribs.

Man Hat: Of course it’s not just for men, but it’s perfect for anyone who wants a simple, no-frills beanie.

Swirl Hat: This is a lovely hat that’s easy to make and is sized from preemies to adults, making it a truly perfect charity knitting pattern!

Sockhead Hat: Here’s a long, warm, slouchy beanie that is ideal for sock yarn that is far too pretty to use for your feet!

Knotty but Nice: I always appreciate a unisex hat with a little added interest. This cabled hat fits the bill perfectly!

Molly: This is a charming unisex hat with a cable that actually continues right through the crown (and through the pattern decreases!).

If you’re looking for enjoyable ways to offer warmth to people in need, these hats may be just what you’re after. Why not use your yarn and time to use one of these free knitting patterns for hats?

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