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How to Provide Warmth & Support to Needy Folks in Tennessee… and Beyond

Stitches of Love in Eastern Tennessee meets weekly and offers knitted and crocheted projects to help needy folks not only in Tennessee, but also anywhere they see a need

Do you live in eastern Tennessee and hunger for companionship with your charity knitting?

Are you a Tennessean who would love to support organizations in your own state with your charity knitting?

Do you live outside Tennessee but would love to support a charity knitting group with a proven track record for helping people in need?

If the answer to any of these questions is “yes,” then you must know about Stitches of Love.

Want to find a charity near you? Take a look at these categories of knitting charities sorted by location!

How Stitches of Love Warms People in Need and Offers Community and Companionship

Stitches of Love is a group of knitters and crocheters in eastern Tennessee with a collective needlework experience spanning 600 years. Together, they work to create items for a group of organizations that include homeless shelters, children’s hospitals, and cancer centers.

Based in Seymour, the group gets together to knit, crochet, and cross-stitch every Tuesday at the library from 1 to 3 p.m.

Here’s a clip of the Stitches of Love group stitching away at the library in Seymour:


As of this writing, Stitches of Love helps the following organizations:

  • Breast Connect in Knoxville, for chemotherapy patients
  • Compassion Closet in Seymour, for foster care families
  • Esther’s Heart Ministry in El Salvador

Stitches of Love prides itself on filling needs wherever they see them, so they support service organizations outside of Tennessee too. Some others who have received Stitches of Love support in the past include:

  • Children’s Cancer Partners of the Carolinas
  • Linda’s Hats for Hope in NJ
  • Coping with Laryngomalacia (in NJ)
  • Museum of Aviation’s Coat for Kids Program in Beaufort, SC
  • Women’s Care Center in Sevierville and Seymour, TN and Beaufort, SC

How You Can Help

Obviously, if you live in or near Seymour, Tennessee, you can join these avid needlecrafters any Tuesday. As you can see in the video linked above, you’ll have a great time joining the Stitchers at the library!

But you don’t need to live near Seymour, TN–or even in Tennessee at all! You are still welcome to add your work to their donation collections regardless of where you live. As of this writing, Stitches of Love proudly boasts “virtual knitters” in Connecticut, Florida, Massachusetts, Oregon, Pennsylvania, and South Carolina in addition to Tennessee.

For a mailing address for “virtual knitters/crocheters,” read this post which includes the shipping address.

What you can make:

They will take many other items; you can always message the group at their Facebook page if you need other ideas.

Be sure you always use wool-free and odor-free yarn that can stand up to repeated washings.

You can get more information about this group, including many beautiful photos of donated projects, at their Facebook page.

Whether you’re a Tennessean or simply an eager charity knitter ready to make sure your projects are appreciated, Stitches of Love is a fabulous opportunity for you!

Stitches of Love in Eastern Tennessee

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  1. I know a sweet lady who can no longer do projects herself, but would love to donate her yarn to a good cause. Do you accept yarn donations?

    1. Hello Pam! I suggest messaging the group at the Facebook page linked in this post to see if they might wish to take yarn donations. (I personally do not, but I also do not personally run a knitting charity.)