Break Free of Your Knitting Rut with 8+ Fantastic, Free Patterns

Stuck in a knitting rut? Using the same patterns over and over? Time to break free with over 8 fabulous and free patterns

Every now and then, I feel like I’m in a bit of a knitting “rut.” Do you ever feel that way, too?

What I mean is that sometimes I find that I’m knitting the same kind of project — or even the same pattern — over and over. Prayer cloths or squares or hats or cowls.

Usually I’m doing this for a reason. Perhaps I’m just enjoying this project at this time. Or maybe I’m knitting for a specific cause or deadline.

But sometimes? I’m doing this just because I’m out of ideas or inspiration.

If you’re caught in that struggle, this might be just the collection for you!

You will not find hats, squares, or cowls in this collection. Nor will you find scarves or mittens or socks or sweaters or shawls. You will not, in fact, find any of the “typical” knitting patterns here.

No ma’am. Here, you will find knitting projects that you might never have even considered!

Intrigued? Maybe even a little scared? (I would be…) Perfect! Read on and find yourself a brand-new kind of knitting project!

Free Knitting Patterns That Go Beyond the Ordinary

1. Felted Square Bowl: Did you know that you could knit containers? Like bowls or baskets? You sure can. And if you felt said project, you’ll have yourself a durable container without holes. Here you can store your loose change or any little items that you want to keep corraled.

2. Costume Accessories: Know any kids who love to play dress-up? Or, do you need accessories for a costume party? You can knit some amazing accessories that provide the perfect finishing touches to costumes.

golf club covers
Golf Club Covers
Photo: Stephanie Rothschild (aka Spirals on Ravelry)

These include cat ears and tail, fairy wings, or even Teletubby hats!

3. Golf Club Covers: Why should you (or any golfer you know and love) have to settle for boring socks for covers? Knit an utterly fabulous set of club covers using this terrific pattern. These make terrific gifts!cell phone purse

4. Cell phone bags: Here’s a sad fact of life. Women’s pants, all too often, have either no pockets whatsoever or utterly unusable ones. (Don’t you get irritated when you find that your pants have pockets less than 2 inches deep?! What is even the point??)

This makes cell phone bags all the more necessary, especially when cell phones have become so essential to daily life. In my article linked above, I have a terrific collection of fabulous and fun cell phone purse patterns. Including a design I created myself! (Super easy.)

Bernat Wreath
Photo: Yarnspirations

5. Bernat Wreath: Seriously, what could possibly be better to adorn the home of a knitter than a knitted Christmas wreath? Using one of the many enormous skeins of Christmas-colored yarn available this time of year, you could knock out a few wreaths and give them as gifts, too.

Or, use other seasonal colors for other holidays! What a fun way to decorate for any holiday.

5. Vest and Knickers from 1944: Hold on to your hats, because I’ve saved the most daring pattern on the list for last. “Vest and knickers” seems so innocuous unless, of course, you’re British and now covering your mouth.

How would you like to try knitting some ladies’ underwear?

I have to admit, I’m mighty intrigued by this! This is a vintage knitting pattern from 1944 hosted by the good folks at Of course, I’m pretty sure “Woolworth’s Extra Super 2-ply wool” is no longer available. But you could find a merino wool, or perhaps a bamboo or mercerized cotton. Anything that feels wonderful against the skin.

(Apparently women used to knit undergarments all the time. It could be an interesting adventure, no?)

Here’s to breaking out of our knitting ruts! Why not knit something practical, fun, and/or just plain wacky today?

Take a look here for more whimsical knitting patterns!

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