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Keep Babies Cool with 5 Adorable Free Hat Knitting Patterns

For those babies born in the spring or summer months, try knitting one of these sweet hat patterns

Spring & Summer Baby Hat Patterns

If you’re reading this, you probably fit into one of two categories.

A: You love knitting baby hats! But since it’s spring or summer wherever you live, you want to try something a little different than the typical keep-baby’s-head-warm pattern.

B: You’ve never knitted baby hats before, but they’re so small and cute that you just can’t resist giving them a try.

For either situation, you need this collection! Because babies need hats not only during the colder months of autumn and winter, but also during the warmer months of spring and summer. After all, cold temperatures aren’t the only things babies’ heads need protection from. They also need protection from the sun.

Also, they need to look cute. (Oh, come on. You know I’m right about this.)

So here are 5 utterly adorable, and completely free knitting hats for the tender heads of babies, perfect for spring and summer!

Vine Lace Baby Hat
Vine Lace Baby Hat
Photo: Galeu on Ravelry

Cool and Cute Baby Hats for Spring and Summer

1. Vine Lace Baby Hat This adorable baby hat pattern is light, delicate, and works perfectly in any color, from black to pink. You can get as creative as you want with the pattern and work in different stripes, colors, and patterns. No matter how you work it, it will retain its classy and adorable look.

Strawberry Baby Cap
Strawberry Baby Cap
Photo: Nikol of The Thrifty Knitter

2. Strawberry cap Though the pattern calls for Merino wool, the design is so summery that a cotton yarn will work delightfully as well. This is one of the cutest hats you’ll ever see.

3. Shell Lace Bonnet If you’re a fan of vintage knitting, you’ll love this adorable baby hat pattern. The design is delightfully retro; the delicate lace bonnet looks it belongs atop the head of a Victorian-era infant. It’s easy to make, and it’s sure to draw “oohs” and “ahhs” from onlookers.

Shell Lace Bonnet
Photoa: Dawn Gordon

(By the way, if the background of the pattern makes it a little hard for you to read, there’s an easy fix: hit “Control-A” or “Apple-A” — whichever command produces the “Select All” function on your computer–and the entire pattern text will be highlighted, thus making it easier to read.)

4. Baby Sunhat Sometimes it can be really difficult to find a knitting pattern for a baby’s sunhat. The knitting pattern market is flooded with toasty warm beanies and other kinds of cold-weather caps, but not so much for protecting baby from the sun’s harsh rays. But this pattern is different! It creates an adorable wide-brimmed hat that will save baby’s delicate skin and eyes the trouble of an early sunburn.

5. Baby Hat with Swirl On Top This isn’t strictly a summer pattern — it would work in any color for any season, and it also comes with matching booties . It probably would be a bit too warm for super hot summer climates, but it’s absolutely perfect for spring and those windy summer days where, even when it’s warm, it seems cold.

Whether you’re knitting for babies for charity, or you’re knitting for a new baby in your life, these delightful spring and summer hats will satisfy any baby–as well as their parents!

Want more free knitting patterns for charity? Click here for your copy of “4 Quick Charity Knitting Wins” and start making a difference today!

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