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Baaaaaa! Knit Some Little Lambs into an Adorable Hat with One of These Free Patterns

For my next collection of fun animal hat patterns, I instinctively thought of sheep. Sheep seem to be one of the mascots of knitting (the other being cats, in my extremely unprofessional and nonscientific view), and so I thought it could be fun to find some hat patterns adorned with sheep or in the shape of an adorable sheep’s head. I was thus quite surprised to find a serious lack of sheep-head-y goodness when I first began a Ravelry search. Hats filled with sheep-y images were numerous (which was a pleasant surprise), but after thoroughly combing results I was left with just one pattern featuring the head of a sheep, and it was more like a lamb because it was modeled on a child. But that got me thinking… was I bleating up the wrong tree? Should I be looking for “lamb” rather than “sheep”? Yes, I should have been! While the number of sheep image hats still far outnumber the lamb’s heads, I was able to find a few simply by changing my search keyword. Whew! So here is the result of my fearless and tireless Ravelry search (oh, okay, fine, it took me about 10 minutes tops to find these, Ravelry’s pattern browser is just entirely too efficient): a fun collection of free knitting patterns for hats featuring shee–I mean, lambs.

Free Knitting Patterns for Hats: Lamb’s Heads

Knit Little Lamb Hat: This adorable little bonnet will fit toddlers to preschoolers. Lamb, Bam! Thank You, Ma’am: This is definitely my favorite title on this page. More than that, though, this is probably the quickest and simplest pattern listed here, especially if you use bulky yarn. It’s a great hat for beginners because you can knit it either flat or in the round. Cosy Lamb Hat: I love the way the bobbles on this hat pattern allow it to resemble a real sheep. Lamb Beanie: This is the only lamb’s head pattern I could find strictly for adults. I think this is crazy cute, and I’m sad that no Ravelrers have ‘fessed up to making it! It makes me want to make one for myself and wear it proudly.

Free Knitting Patterns for Hats: Lamb and Sheep Images

Baa-ble Hat: This pattern offers two different color varieties, one in blue and green, the other in brown and gray. Of course the sheep remain white with adorable black faces. The pattern is topped with a festive pom pom. Sheep Sarabande Tam: Here’s a beautiful (and possibly very complex, I figure this because I felt slightly light-headed when I looked at this hat, ha) tam o’shanter pattern featuring a gorgeous mosaic and sweet little sheep. Adult Sheep Hat and Baby Sheep Hat: This sweet pattern is far simpler than the previous one, and I love that it comes in both adult and baby sizes. Two different patterns, but the same basic construction by the same designer. Lerwick Roofline: This lovely pattern was inspired by the town of Lerwick in the Shetland Islands; the designer intended it as a sort of postcard in hat form. The upper part of the hat features the roofline of the pattern title; the lower is where you’ll find sheep grazing in a meadow. Encircling Ewe: This hat is very much like the Baa-ble Hat in coloration (and, like that pattern, it was designed for two different colorways). What I really like about this pattern is that it offers a stranded knitting strategy. So if you either are entirely new to stranded knitting or have tried it before with mixed, little, or no success, you’re far more likely to feel the flush of success through this pattern. White as Snow Hat: I really like the different look of this hat’s sheep compared with most sheepish hats. Whereas most hats feature white sheep with black faces, this hat features all-white sheep with adorable little ram’s horns. Sounds tricky, but since this hat was designed to feature just two colors (white and one other color), I think this could actually be the easiest hat of the bunch. Beanie with Lambs: This beanie, while still featuring the white sheep / dark face motif, is another two-color hat. So I believe it, too, will be a little simpler. I like that the “dark face” can be pretty much any color you want, but the lamb is still very recognizable as such. (To get the English version, be sure to click the “free Ravelry download” link. The blog post link is written only in Swedish.) I hope this collection has inspired you to dive into some colorwork for a beautiful hat, or have a little fun with lamb’s head knitting!