How to Knit a Complete, Matching Set for Charity with 3 Free Knitting Patterns

With these 3 simple, free knitting patterns, you can knit a complete and matched set that is perfect for giving as gifts or donating to charity

Isn’t there something so satisfying about a complete, matched set?

Imagine being an expectant mama at your baby shower. You might receive singles of many types of gifts: hats, blankets, booties, bibs, and so on. But now, imagine that you received a complete matched set of gifts for your coming newborn: a hat, a bib, booties, and even a matching blanket.

Suddenly, that gift becomes even more special! It’s the magic of a complete, matching set.

That magic is exactly why I was so excited to receive this set of patterns from a very generous Knitting for Charity reader named Sharon Malazard a few years ago.

I found this set irresistible! Sets like this one could be especially helpful for donating to domestic violence and homeless shelters. But I’m sure that nearly any knitting charity that accepts multiple items to offer to needy people would love a set like this, too.

Looking for the perfect yarn for this set?

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Set of Patterns for Compact Winter Set by Sharon Malazard

For these patterns you’ll need:

202 grams Aran (worsted) weight yarn (This is the amount Sharon used for the photos shown here; you might need a bit more or less.)
5mm needles (US size 8)

Instructions for Beanie

Cast on 72 stitches.

Knit garter stitch for 28 ridges or 56 rows.

Shape top:

Row 1. K7, K2tog; repeat to end of row.

Row 2. Knit.

Row 3. K6, K2tog; repeat to end of row.

Row 4. Knit.

Row 5. K5, K2tog; repeat to end of row.

Row 6. Knit.

Row 7. K4, K2tog; repeat to end of row.

Row 8. Knit.

Row 9. K3, K2tog; repeat to end of row.

Row 10. Knit.

Row 11. K2, K2tog; repeat to end of row.

Row 12. Knit.

Row 13. K1, K2tog; repeat to end of row.

Row 14. Knit.

Row 15. K2tog to end of row.

Row 16 Knit.

Row 17. Repeat row 15.

Cut yarn. Thread yarn onto darning needle, slip leftover stitches onto it, and fasten securely. Sew side seam.

Instructions for Scarf

Cast on 20 stitches (approx 4″ wide).

Knit garter stitch (knit every row) for 55 inches. Bind off.

Turn up both ends of scarf and make two 6″ pockets by sewing down the edges.

Fold scarf in half to find the middle and attach the middle of scarf to the back seam of hat. Measure equally along the back of hat and sew in place, making sure that when the hat is worn, the scarf pockets are facing outwards.

Instructions for Thumbless Mittens

Cast on 28 stitches.

Knit K1, P1 rib for 10 rows.

Knit 1 row garter stitch.

Increase Row: K1, inc 1 stitch, K1, inc 1 stitch, knit to last 4 stitches, inc 1 stitch, K1, inc 1 stitch, K1. (32 stitches total).
(Sharon increases by picking up a stitch between stitches. If you use this method, you’ll K1, then increase between last stitch and next stitch twice, then K1. Then knit to last 2 stitches and do the same thing.)

Knit garter stitch every row for 29 rows.

Shape Top:

Row 1. (K2tog, K2) 8 times

Row 2. Knit.

Row 3. (K2tog, K1) 8 times

Row 4. Knit.

Row 5. K2tog to end of row.

Cut yarn. Slip end of yarn onto darning needle, slip stitches onto needle and fasten securely.

Sew side seams.

Make second mitten same as the first.

Make 2 I-cords, approximately 11 inches each, to attach mittens to sides of scarf pockets.

Special thanks to Sharon for these patterns! I love this fun way to put together a set of winter accessories, and in such a way that it’s hard to lose individual parts of it, as well. What a great way to knit for charity!

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  1. Dear Nicole….you are a “girl” after my own heart! I have been knitting baby gifts for a L-O-N-G time!!
    And, along with a sweater, booties, beanie, (often, I “substitute” blanket rather than a sweater)–it is so much fun for me to add other baby items: bib, rattle, stuffed animal (one that rattles is also great ), boo-boo bunny (easy washcloth pattern!), ALWAYS a book–and, if a First Christmas…well, these gifts are super, too. There are many ideas available to make YOUR baby gift truly special.
    I hope today’s newsletter will inspire more and more of your readers to “pounce” on your ideas!!
    I am currently finishing a newborn whose nursery is a Cowboy Theme!! Inasmuch, as I have been gifted a talent to write poetry–an original baby poem is also included my each gifts. There are, of course, poems available on line. Your newsletters are always informative and inspiring. Thanks, as always, Sandra Walker

    P.S. You have provided a new idea for my gifts: thumbless mittens. Easy and useful!!

    1. These are supposed to be “thumbless,” for young kiddos who don’t normally use their hands when they’re out and about in cold weather anyway. So that’s why yours turned out “weird”! If you weren’t expecting a separate thumb, they would look very strange indeed.

  2. Dear Nicole….Although I always knit a blanket, booties and hat for a baby gift–I’ve never thought about knitting thumbless mittens!!! I visited a local thrift shop–and, actually looked a a bag of newborn cloth mittens. What a great idea! Often, I will knit a sweater, too. I am currently knitting a sage blanket, booties and hat for a friend whose 1st grandson arrives in May, Chicago land!! No sweater.

    He will have a 7-year-old sister waiting for his arrival–and I am going to knit her a gift, too. Have decided on a hat and a scarf!! I include a book with each gift–and, for the baby, some extras. I had given thought to knit a cowl for McKenzie–but, honestly, haven’t really found one I particularly like. With all the patterns– it’s Just me, there are some lovely cowls available!! Love all your suggestions, ideas, help and newsletter. You are top notch! Thanks. Sandra

    1. Thank you so much for sharing, Sandra, as well as your very kind words. I’m glad this gave you a fresh idea to try!