Try Textured Yarn For Projects that Get Noticed

Every self-respecting knitter has a stash of yarn. Chances are you are one of these “stashers” if you love knitting. Take a look through your stash. Is it a bunch of the same yarn you’ve been using over and over? If so, maybe it’s time you learn about textured yarn and how you can use it.

Textured Yarn

Whenever you’re knitting, you first decision is choice of yarn. You need to be sure to choose the right yarn for the project but you also need to take into consideration what you want your final product to look like. If you’re after something new and interesting, try some of the newly produced textured yarns. If you’re new to textured yarns, here’s some help to get you started.

Double knitting yarn —

This yarn is very popular because it’s smooth, even, and hard-wearing. Choose this yarn for projects for children or for items that are going to see a lot of wear and tear.

Boucle yarn —

Made up of irregular loops that are twisted together and then supported on a thinner, straight yarn. This yarn can make some great “fuzzy” sweaters. I don’t recommend this for beginning knitters though. The “loops” can make it hard for you to see where to insert the needles and make you miss stitches. If you can handle it though, this is one of my favorites.

Ribbon yarn —

These yarns are more flat than round like regular yarn which is why they are called “ribbon” yarns. They are usually made of cotton or synthetic fibers and can give your project a very unique look.

Nubby yarn —

This yarn has small irregularly placed pieces of yarn in them. Many times the “nubs” are different colors than the main strand of yarn making for a very colorful project.

Chenille yarn —

This yarn can make one of the softest and plushest sweaters or afghans you’ll ever make. I love the way it feels; however, I don’t love to work with it. I find this yarn very difficult and don’t recommend it unless you are really a seasoned knitter.

Denim yarn —

Who knew? These yarns actually fade when you wash them just like the denim your jeans are made from.

Melange yarn —

This term is used to describe yarn that has various colors mixed together before the yarn is spun — fun!

Mouline yarn —

Made by twisting together different colors of yarn or different types of fibers. This yarn is a challenge to inexperienced knitters so think before you buy. There you go! No more boring projects with the same basic yarn you’ve been using since you started knitting. Be brave — go forth and conquer some of these great textured yarns!