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Try One of These Popular Knitted Scrubber Patterns for the Perfect Gift – or Treat Yourself

Get three-dimensional with one of these popular knitted scrubber patterns

Knitted scrubber patterns differ from dishcloth or washcloth patterns in one essential way: the former are three-dimensional. They often appear to have a sort of gathered appearance, where several sides meet together in the center.

Often they are round, but not always, as you’ll see in a couple of the patterns below. Like dish or washcloth patterns, they can either be used to scrub dishes or to scrub skin in the shower or at the sink. They make a great addition to dishcloths and washcloths in your knitted-home-accessories repertoire! The following are some of the most popular knitted scrubber patterns available online as per Ravelry.com’s pattern browser.

Popular Knitted Scrubber Patterns

Tribble: Named after the famous Star Trek episode “The Trouble with Tribbles,” these cute scrubbers don’t require much yarn, so you can easily whip up a bunch as gifts!

Fishy Tawashi: These adorable scrubbers would make fantastic wedding, graduation, or housewarming gifts!

Two Tone Tawashi: These are a great way to use up multiple colors of yarn.

Knitted Kitchen Scrubbie Tutorial: This clever pattern/tutorial shows you how to make “tulle yarn” and incorporate it into a knitted scrubber for even more scrubbing power!

Pluie Soap Holder: This is a pretty, lacy project that will hold a bar of soap inside.

EZ Shower Poof: Here’s another pattern that would make a great wedding gift, bridal shower gift, or even a baby gift!

Soapy the Soap Turtle: Now how’s this for cute: a scrubber in the shape of a turtle!

Whether you want a knitted scrubber pattern for yourself or to give as a special gift, any of these projects are sure to delight everyone around!