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11 Free Ways to Knit a Beautiful, Beloved Throw Blanket

If you want to knit a blanket that will be cherished, try one of these beautiful throw blanket knitting patterns.

I’m convinced there’s no such thing as an unwanted throw blanket.

My own family is proof. Way back when I was an older teenager (probably about 19), I fancied myself a crocheter. I used a hook, I used yarn, so I could crochet stuff. Never mind that I barely knew what I was doing and that the only two stitches I knew were chain and slip stitch. (I didn’t even know what they were called.)

One day I decided to crochet a throw blanket. I was sure it would be beautiful and I’d keep it forever.

A Most Beloved Throw Blanket… from Hades

I used any yarn I could get my hands on, knew only chain and slip stitches, and had no idea what I was doing. So, unsurprisingly, the blanket was hideous. It was misshapen, it was a bunch of colors that looked awful together. In short, it was a mess.

Want to take a guess at how long my family and I hung onto this monstrosity of a throw blanket?


Yes! I took that horrid, ugly blanket with me when I married and moved out. My husband and I used it, and my daughters used it after they were born and old enough to enjoy snuggling under blankets.

The only reason it eventually went into the trash is that it got too close to one of the baseboard heaters in our then-home, and part of it melted. (Even then, I had a fight with my older daughter, who didn’t want to see it tossed. But I had my limits.)

So, friends, if my family can use and love an absolutely horrid throw blanket for many years… imagine how much a friend, relative, or charity recipient will love a beautiful blanket!

If you’re ready to knit a throw blanket you know someone will love, take a look at the patterns below.

For more free blanket knitting patterns, check out these articles!

Free Throw Blanket Knitting Patterns

Kraft-Tanken-Patches: This is a true patchwork afghan throw. A Ravelry group designed this throw as a group modular project for another member going through a hard time. It’s a great project to use up odds and ends of yarn.

Note: don’t click the link within the pattern PDF that offers a way to seam the squares together. It appears that the blog linked to is no longer online and the URL has become compromised. You’ll be safe so long as you don’t click the link.

Moderne Log Cabin Blanket: From the book Mason-Dixon Knitting, this project uses its mitered border technique.

The link leads to the Ravelry page for the baby blanket version of this pattern. Click the “log cabin pdf” link, and you’ll go to a PDF pattern for both versions. Also, note that the link for the PDF does still work (although the wording on the page might lead you to believe it doesn’t).

And though the book is out of print, you’re very likely to find it at your local library, if you want to get instructions on the mitered borders.

Lizard Ridge: This fascinating project takes advantage of one yarn brand’s particular kind of color variegation, but it can be used with any yarn. It develops into beautifully unusual stripes.

Ten Stitch Twist: A round version of Frankie Brown‘s “Ten Stitch Blanket” pattern.

free throw blanket knitting pattern
Cable Comfort Throw
Photo: Lion Brand

Cable Comfort Throw: Lion Brand’s pattern comes together quickly and beautifully using a super bulky yarn.

Tree of Life Afghan
Photo: Lion Brand

Tree of Life Afghan: This exquisite pattern designed by Nicky Epstein is sure to become a beloved treasure for whoever receives it.

Spiral Blanket of Awesome: More of a tutorial than a set pattern, it allows you to use whatever yarn you like to create your very own spiral blanket.

Norma: A lovely, intricately designed pattern designed as a comfort blanket.

free blanket knitting patterns
6-Hour Afghan
Photo: Lion Brand

Paintbox Log Cabin Blanket: This stunning design morphed from the previously mentioned Moderne Log Cabin and Lizard Ridge blankets, as well as style elements from two other blankets.

Eleventh Hour Blanket: If you need to knit a blanket quickly, get yourself a bunch of bulky yarn and whip through this pattern!

Six-Hour Afghan: It may take you a little longer than six hours to knit this afghan, but holding four strands of yarn together will get this one finished fairly quickly!

Need something knitted quickly? Want an heirloom-quality project? Just want to create something attractive for your home or that of a friend that won’t be a Throw Blanket from Hades?

One of these throw blanket knitting patterns should be just what you need!

Free throw blanket patterns

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