These Popular Stocking and Pixie Hat Patterns Keep Heads Warm with Style

Stocking and pixie hat patterns happen to be among my favorites. I love the long floppiness of stocking caps, and I adore the pointed tip of pixies. Many stocking caps also happen to be pixies, so I thought it would be fun to combine the two for this, our final look at popular free online hat patterns. First, we’ll look at popular stocking cap patterns; then, we’ll feast our eyes on popular pixie patterns. And as always, I am indebted to Ravelry’s pattern browser.

Popular Stocking Hat Patterns

Floopy Hat: If you’re looking for a good old-fashioned, long, wide-striped stocking hat, look no further than this pattern! Belugah Slouch Hat and Beanie: This pattern comes in two varieties, a short stocking hat (or “slouch hat”) and beanie. Both versions feature an eye-catching reverse-rib design, and the slouch hat version is capped with a fetching pom-pom. Stocking Cap with Long Tail: This cap is even longer than the Floopy Hat, and it features narrow stripes and a braid and tassel at the end. Scoops: This is a fun, floppy, short stocking cap with stripes and a pom-pom at the end.

Popular Pixie Hat Patterns

Stella Pixie Hat: Not surprisingly, many of the most popular pixie hat patterns are for babies, and this is the most popular infant pixie hat. Autumn Pixie Hood: Here’s a simple and adorable pixie hood for adults. Hesh: A pixie hat with earflaps, tassels, and chevron stripes. Gorgeous! Quinny: inspired by a hat worn by the character Quinn on the television show “Glee,” this pixie features a button made of yarn. Stocking and pixie hat patterns make great gifts and charity knits; why not cast on one of these stylish choices?