These Knitted Dog Patterns Could Be Your Faithful Companions

Recently we’ve shared knitted bird patterns and knitted cat patterns; now it’s time for some knitted dog patterns! I have a hunch that you know someone, anyone, in your life who loves dogs. Knitted dogs make great gifts as well as charity projects; imagine a child going through a hard time who was gifted with his or her very own small knitted doggie! So we hereby present some of the Internet’s most popular, free knitted dog patterns!

Free Knitted Dog Patterns

Bruce: If you’re looking to start with something quick and easy, look no further than Bruce. He’s small and adorable, with no removable small parts (making him perfect for babies).

Puppy Lovey: Here’s another great pattern for babies as well as toddlers who become attached to “loveys.” This one makes a great combination stuffed toy and security blanket.

Jake the Dog: Jake is a bit more complex, but he’s great for testing your skills and for making a pup with arms, legs, and a tail. He’s also got a lot of personality!

Jack Russell, English Bulldog and Corgi: These three patterns were all excerpted from Sally Muir and Joanne Osbourne’s “Knit Your Own Dog” book. All look amazingly lifelike and are quite small, which makes them great adornments for shelves, mantels, desks, and the like.

Zero the Ghostly Dog: Know any fans of “The Nightmare Before Christmas”? If so, this little guy would be the perfect gift!

Floppy Dog: This little sweetheart is an endlessly cuddly companion.

Princess Snowdrop the Knitted Greyhound: If you have any greyhound, whippet, or Italian greyhound lovers in your circle, this beauty would be a tremendous gift. Tiny like the earlier breed-specific dog patterns, this one is a challenge, but well worth it!

I Heart Cat Loves Dog: We shared this pattern in our Knitted Cat Patterns article, but we just had to share it again for you dog-lovers. Both the cat and dog are utterly charming.

Dogbert: This cutie is bound to be appreciated by any dog fan, whether they’re fans of “Dilbert” or not.

Sheepdog: This adorable little one is excerpted from “Knitted Farm Animals” by Sarah Keen, and he’s sure to be a hit with any dog lover. Just look at that sweet smile and that wagging tail! (Don’t you dare tell me it’s not wagging.)

I think you’ll find creating one or more of these adorable knitted dog patterns an exercise in delight!