These Knitted Birds Make Charming Gifts

I find knitted birds irresistible. It stands to reason, as I am a bird lover in general. The first toys I ever knitted, in fact, were a pair of owls (you just knew they had to be owls, right?), and I gave them to my daughters as birthday presents. They cherish these handmade owls to this day. The birds in nature are currently flying south for the winter, which to my mind is all the more reason to knit birds now. Believe me, it’s very difficult to stop at just one. You may find yourself knitting a bird menagerie in no time! Here is a wide assortment of free knitted bird patterns for you to choose from! (Note: I have included only one pattern for knitted owls, the most popular one available free online. Owls are by far the most common and popular bird for which free patterns are offered, and this list would be at least twice as long if I included them all!)

Free Knitted Bird Patterns

Owl Puffs: Of all the owl and, in fact, bird patterns available free online, this is the most popular. Look into those big eyes and it’s not hard to see why!

Chubby Chirps: Another completely irresistible bird pattern. I think I’ve made at least three of these little darlings. They knit quickly and are oh-so-cute! Bluebird of Happiness: Who couldn’t use one of these in their lives?

Angry Birds: Patterns at this link are available for both a yellow and a red Angry Bird. Perfect for the addict of the computer/phone game in your life.

Flamingo: Not only is this Spud & Chloe pattern adorable, but you can also place a bouncy ball inside and make it a bouncy toy, too.

Blue Tit: This may be the most realistic-looking knitted bird pattern I have ever seen!

Kiwi: I can’t help loving this little bug-eyed cutie.

Flock: Not just a single bird but a whole flock of them, designed to be hung over a baby’s crib as the perfect hand-made mobile.

Pasha: Pasha is the cutest knitted penguin you ever will see.

Chick & Egg: Got a hankering for spring? Knit up some of these cuties to bring the joy of springtime into your home no matter how cold it is outside.

Tiny Turkey: Or, you could embrace autumn and knit this adorable little turkey!

Ducks: Those rubber duckies enjoyed by children aren’t really that cuddly, but these sure are.

Betsy’s Goose: Fancy a goose or two? You can create a Canada goose or a white goose depending on your fancy.

Hummingbird on Holiday: Now you can knit my favorite bird, the hummingbird! Here’s a photo of the end product.

Cardinal: This beautiful red bird is felted, giving it a fuzzy appearance.

Knit Bald Eagle: Not a realistic-looking eagle by any stretch, but it’s cute and charming and a fun way to use a small amount of yarn.

These knitted birds make great gifts for cats (just add some catnip!), children, or anyone who loves birds; why not pick a few patterns and enjoy knitting adorable birds!