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The Preemie Project Knitting Charity

Note: the Preemie Project has recently decided to close its doors. It is no longer accepting any donations. Take a look at the “Preemies” category of this site to see other organizations serving preemies and their families that you might wish to donate to.

What is the Preemie Project? It’s a great way for knitters to show their compassion and help premature infants and their families. You can’t go wrong when you’re helping the world’s littlest children through those tough first weeks and months. Better still, it takes no time at all to charity knit such tiny projects. You can easily whip up a few projects in a very short time. So what is the Preemie Project and what’s it all about? Read on for more information on this awesome charity.

The Preemie Project

It’s amazing how many people have been touched by a premature baby. Once you see that helpless little face, you know you’ll never be the same again. Now imagine how many of those babies are critically ill, and the struggles their parents and families face as they watch their children suffer. Don’t you want to lend a hand? The Preemie Project does just about everything it could to help both those children and their families. They provide beautiful handcrafted items for the babies to wear, burial layettes for infants who succumb to their illness, and even food to help busy families through busy times. Obviously, these are the quintessential knitting charities: ones where your knitting goes straight to people in need and brings your message of hope and love. And like all the best knitting charities, it gives you something in return… FREE PATTERNS! The Preemie Project website has piles and piles of patterns for booties, hats, blankets, and even burial wraps. If you love to knit, you won’t be able to get enough of these patterns — or this charity. It’s a great project to bring to your knitting club or circle because the notion of premature babies is something everyone can get behind, and you’ll know your knitting really is making a difference.

How to get involved

If you think you’d like to get involved with The Preemie Project, there are many, many ways to help. You can make a financial donation, send in your scrap crafting materials, or knit, sew, or crochet a project. No matter what you decide, you’ll know your work is making a big difference in many lives. You can also print out Preemie Project gift tags to make your knitting for charity even more meaningful, personalizing it for the recipients. That way, not only do they get a beautiful handknit item, but more importantly, they get the knowledge that someone cares about them and is thinking of them. That is what really makes the difference. People who charity knit are a special breed, always really putting others before themselves. Given that, The Preemie Project is specially designed to appeal to knitters around the world.