The Most Popular Knitted Purse Patterns Available Online

Knitted purse patterns are such fun. Most of the items that we knit, even accessories, aren’t something we use or wear every day. But most women use purses almost every day, every time we step out of our homes. This means that knitting a purse for yourself or a loved one is a unique opportunity to create something that truly represents you and what you love. This is why I am revealing here the most popular knitted purse patterns available online, as always, courtesy of Ravelry.com’s pattern browser. I hope you find just the purse you want to carry!

Most Popular Knitted Purse Patterns

Pinwheel Purse: This is the most popular knitted purse pattern available online. Granted, it’s really more of a change purse than an actual handbag, but it’s so tiny and cute, not to mention cleverly constructed, that it’s irresistible! Christine Bag: This is a beautiful bag with cables and wooden handles. Check out this tutorial which shows how seaming the bag sides and attaching the handles. Braided Cable Handle Tote: This lovely purse is felted with cables that extend from the handles into the body of the bag. A great pattern for your first attempt at cables and/or felting! Brea: Here’s a stylish purse with a lotus flower design and a leather handle. HP House Fair Isle Pouch Bags: If you or someone you love is nuts about Harry Potter, you’ll flip over this pattern! Each of the four Hogwarts Houses is represented in this pattern, so whether your favorite house is Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, or Slytherin, there’s a bag for you! The Coco Bag: This purse is felted and beautifully tailored into a boxy shape. Peyton’s Mini Purses: These adorable little handbags are great for toting just a few necessities for a night out, or for a little girl who wants a purse of her own! Personally, this is my second-favorite bag of the bunch. Knitting Needle Knitting Bag: I know you’re wondering now which one of these is my favorite. Well, here it is! This is the cleverest purse design I’ve ever seen. I don’t know how it’s possible to be a knitter and not love the look of this incredibly cute bag that incorporates knitting needles! Whatever the personality or passions, I think you’ll find one of these knitted purse patterns perfect for you or a loved one!