Take a Walk on the Exotic Side with One of These Chinese-Themed Knitting Patterns

Because Chinese culture and fashion have a rather magical quality, today I want to share with you a series of beautiful and charming Chinese-themed knitting patterns. (Either that, or I found a really cute pattern of a giant panda and needed an excuse to put it into an article.) Would you believe both? (I hope so, because that’s the truth!) I’ve long been fascinated by Chinese culture. In college my freshman roommate was Chinese, and I still remember the way she laughed at me when I asked her if the Chinese language contained “a hundred?” characters. “A hundred? Try thousands!” That, alone, is fascinating to me! Chinese culture also carries a rich symbolism as well as tradition, many of which are represented in the patterns shown here. So if you’d like to try something a little exotic, I invite you to join me in trying one or more of these Chinese-themed knitting patterns! A Collection of Chinese-Themed Knitting Patterns Giant Panda: This is the pattern that got me thinking of other Chinese-themed patterns. There’s something so sweet yet majestic about the giant panda! Chinese Waves Pouch: This pretty little button-down pouch incorporates the Chinese Waves knit stitch. And it’s incredibly simple! Peach Blossom Baby Jacket: Isn’t this the cutest little jacket? It’s styled after traditional Chinese jackets. Festive: Here’s a similarly styled cardigan to the jacket above, for adults. Chinese Lantern Hat: This beautiful hat incorporates a design that looks like a series of Chinese lanterns floating into the sky. New Day: Here’s a breathtaking lace scarf that was inspired by Chinese dragons during New Year’s celebrations. Serenity Illusion Scarf: Another scarf pattern, this one incorporates Chinese characters that spell out “Serenity.” Love in 60 Stitches and Chinese Character for Happiness: These two patterns are charts that can help you incorporate the Chinese character for either “Love” or “Happiness” into any other pattern, from a simple square to an article of clothing. Now, let’s have some fun with these Chinese-themed knitting patterns!