Stitch Markers for Knitting — How to Make and Use Them

If you love knitting, and personally, I don’t see why everyone doesn’t, you need to use stitch markers. Before I started using these handy little gadgets, I lost my stitches all the time. Once I learned how to use stitch markers, I never lost my place again. Not only did I learn how easy and helpful these gadgets were, I also learned how to make them. Here’s how:

Knitting stitch markers

Knitting along on a project you just love then you realize you forgot where you increased or decreased stitches or even where the starting point was in your circular knitting. This frustrates even the most seasoned knitter. Enter stitch markers’ importance. These little gadgets get slipped onto knitting needles marking where you are in a row or to keep track of stitches. Now, of course, buying stitch markers at the local craft shop is one option, or try using objects around the house. You can use all sorts of things for stitch markers including pieces of yarn or even the center ring from empty CD cases, but making your own stitch markers is fun and easy. A little bit of beading skill allows you to make some really pretty markers that are removable, and add some fun a growing stash of knitting supplies. For a beaded marker, string a selection of pretty beads on a head pin. With a pair of round nose pliers bend the end of the headpin 90 degrees and make a loop. Attach a lever-back earring to the loop and trim the excess wire. Quick and easy… and these stitch markers make your knitting project look pretty even as you work. Even if you decide you don’t have time for extra frills like this, give these gadgets a try. It makes knitting go faster and with fewer mistakes once you start using stitch markers.