Sharing Our Gifts Across America — A Knitting Charity that Inspires

Don’t you just love a knitting charity with vision? I do. Sinclair Silar of Oregon had a vision. Not only a vision, but also a dream she put into motion. Ms. Silar started a project called Sharing Our Gifts Across America. The mission is to help at least one charity in each one of the 50 states by donating handmade items. Learn how you can help Sinclair complete her dream and help others in every state across the entire country.

Sharing Our Gifts

Knitting for charity is a gift. You may not think so until you stop clicking those knitting needles together long enough to take a deep breath and really think about it … it is your gift. When you knit for charity, you touch the lives of others in ways you didn’t think possible. Touching the lives of others is exactly what Sinclair does. Committed to helping people in all 50 states, she completed the first two projects and is almost finished with Project #3. She has received project ideas for the next several states and will continue the project until all 50 states receive handmade items. To keep up with her progress, visit Sharing Our Gifts and view pictures of the donations she receives.

Project #1 — Southern Oregon — Veterans Rehab

This project is complete with the delivery of 36 hats and 10 pairs of slippers to the Southern Oregon Veterans Rehab facility. On November 2, 2009, Sinclair and her helpful husband delivered the handmade items to the grateful representative who received them. Project #2 — Kenai, Alaska — Lee Shore Center This project involved knitting hats and mittens for women and children at the Lee Shore Center. The center is a 32-bed facility that assists women escaping domestic abuse and sexual assault. The hats and mittens will be delivered on December 1st so they can be given as gifts on Christmas.

Project #3 — Oklahoma — Brain Tumor Foundation

The Oklahoma project is still in full swing with the creation of hats, scarves, and shawls for the patients at Oklahoma Brain Tumor Foundation. Deadline for project #3 is January 5th 2009. If you would like to help out and get involved in this great project, contact Sinclair at or visit her blog to get the latest information about her current state project. Knitting for charities like those discovered by the Sharing Our Gifts group enables you to reach out and touch those in need of your compassion and talent. Join this knitting charity today and share your gifts.