Delight Dogs & Cats with These 8 Free Knitting Patterns

Leftover yarn plus a love for cats and dogs can equal delightful knitted gifts

Do you have a little bit of yarn and a lot of love for animals? If so, you can put those bits of yarn to use by making gifts for animals.

Most of the patterns in today’s collection create toys. Knitted toys are a fun and frugal way to use up yarn scraps. If you sometimes worry about your stitches being a little sloppy or your colors clashing, no worries with pet toys! The dogs and cats won’t care.

On the other hand, if you create toys that look fantastic? You could sell them and offer the proceeds to charity — like, for example, animal shelters. (Many of my readers have done exactly this!)

One pattern on this list isn’t a toy, but it’s still hugely beneficial for dogs. You’ll know exactly what I mean when you see it in this collection.

Free Knitting Patterns for Animals

Korkfisshe: These are cat toys shaped like fish with a cork inside. The cork gives weight to the fish, but it resists shredding when the cat invariably tears holes in the toy. Ingenious!

free knitting patterns for pets
Twenty-Minute Mouse
Photo: Sara Hall

Korkmauser: A companion toy to Korkfisshe. Same idea, only in mouse form.

Twenty-Minute Mouse: A catnip mouse that has been tested and declared “indestructible.”

Whale Cat Toy: These are adorable and, of course, can just as easily be used as a toy for small dogs.

Quack: This produces a knitted, felted duck. Put a squeaker inside, and you have a wonderful toy for a dog!

Dog Chew-No-More Leg Cover: Here’s the non-toy on the list, but perhaps the most important one. If your dog has just had surgery, an injection, or a sore on his or her leg that he or she just won’t stop licking or chewing, this is the perfect solution. Slip it over the dog’s leg, and give that owie a chance to heal.

Chunk’s Toy Ball: A classic toy for any fetch-loving dog.

Carrot Cat Toy: This is called a cat toy, but put a squeaker inside and it could just as easily be a dog toy.

All of these patterns knit up quickly. So dive into one or several, and experience the joy of indulging dogs and cats!

For more patterns for cats, dogs, and other animals, take a look at the For Animals category of free knitting patterns on this site!