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Save Money and Unleash Creativity By Creating Knitted Photo Frames

Today I stumbled upon an idea I never would have thought of myself, but which I think is absolutely genius: knitted photo frames! I think this is an amazing idea, and I’ll tell you why. First, if you already have lots of yarn hanging around the house (*cough*), and a cardboard box or two (*cough, cough* — what? I’m a crafter!), you already have what you need. Second, if you happen to have many photos that are lying in boxes or envelopes patiently awaiting frames, but you either keep forgetting to buy frames or else never seem to have extra cash for frames (*cough, cough, cough* — maybe I should get this cough checked out?), knitted frames mean those worries are over. Finally, with knitted frames you can customize to your heart’s desire. If you want plain black or white frames, just use black or white yarn. Want something a little more whimsical? Use novelty yarn. The choices are limited only by your yarn. So without further ado, here are four free patterns for knitted photo frames! Free Knitted Photo Frames Patterns Cardboard and Yarn Picture Frames: The name says it all: this pattern comes with a little tutorial for creating your own frames made out of cardboard, which is then covered with a knitted square or rectangle. Ocean Photo Frame: Another cardboard-and-yarn project; this one uses primarily I-cords to cover the cardboard, and it’s all put together in an adorable oceanic theme. Picture Frame Covers: These can be used in two ways. One, if you have an actual photo frame lying around that is just not giving you any joy to look at, you can knit a frame cover and slip it over the frame. Or, you could use one of the tutorials listed above to create a cardboard frame, and then slip the knitted cover over the cardboard. Photo Frames: This pattern is my favorite (although they’re all great!). For one thing, this pattern creates an entirely knitted frame — including the back and even a stand! For another, this pattern is designed so that you can actually attach multiple frames together to create a collage effect. I hope you love this idea of knitted photo frames as much as I do — and maybe you can whip up a few for your home or for a gift!