Raise Money through Charity Knitting

Sometimes, charity knitting can be used for more than you think. For instance, there are times when natural disasters occur that are so catastrophic that the most serious need is not blankets, scarves, or hats (though these may certainly be useful later), but money. Money to repair, money to house, money to serve, money to offer refuge to those who have suffered great losses. What I have always loved about charity knitting is that we can help even with limited resources. If all you are able to do is buy yarn as inexpensively as you can and knit up a storm, you can still help. But did you know that even if what a particular tragedy needs most is money (and you don’t have any to spare), you can still help with your knitting? There are a few ways you can help with your knitting, even when what is needed most is money.

Ways to Raise Money with Knitting

1) Have a charity bazaar. Get together with all your crafty friends and hold a charity bazaar filled with wonderful handmade items. Knit washcloths, hats, mittens, scarfs, or anything else you enjoy creating. Be sure to let potential buyers know that the money will go to help a certain relief effort, and you’ll find they’re even more eager to open their wallets. 2) Have a charity raffle. This is one of my favorite ways to raise money through knitting. Again, get together with crafty friends and have everyone create something that can be a prize in a raffle. Sell raffle tickets, hold the raffle, and donate the proceeds to a relief effort. Again, letting potential ticket buyers know where proceeds will go will help sell tickets. 3) Use an auction site like eBay or hold a silent auction. If you enjoy knitting large, beautiful afghans, sweaters, and the like, this may be the perfect solution for you. Knit something spectacular, then auction it off via silent auction or eBay. Or, get together with friends to create a gift basket filled with delightful handmade items to auction off. Believe it or not, handcrafted items are very trendy these days. Everyone loves to get a beautiful handmade blanket or article of clothing. Use this to your advantage! Continue creating your charity knitting projects and raise money for a great cause.