Not Your Grandma’s Cardigan Knitting Pattern

For the longest time, I avoided every cardigan knitting pattern. The very word cardigan triggered a lot of negative images: the huge, bulky sweaters my grandmother used to wear, or those awful holiday-themed sweaters you see on kindergarten teachers. I figured I might be getting old, but I’m not THAT old! Suddenly one day I realized, though, that I actually have quite a few cardigans in my wardrobe. I just call them ‘sweaters’ instead. And they’re fantastic: fitted, slim, pretty pieces perfect for both keeping warm and layering. So I hit the Internet in search of free knitting patterns for stylish cardigans. Sure enough, I had to wade through an awful lot of bulky, boxy patterns, but to my surprise there were some amazing beautiful patterns. I was so amazed I picked a knit cardigan pattern to stop immediately, and I’ve worked my way through five already. Some were supposed to be gifts.. until I saw the finished project. So whether you’re knitting a gift, something trendy for yourself, or something amazing for charity, you’re sure to find a knitted cardigan pattern on this list that will stun you. These are definitely not your grandmother’s cardigan knitting patterns.

Free knitting patterns for cardigans

Choose a fun cardigan knitting pattern and get started today! 1. Abrianna Short Sleeve Cardigan This cute bobbled sweater is perfect for wearing with jeans, a dress, or just about anything else. It’s great for almost any season and looks fantastic. What more can you ask from a knitted cardigan pattern? 2. Ladies V Neck Cardigan Don’t let the simple name fool you. This is on par with any cardigan you’d buy in a store. It turns out a beautiful long sleeved sweater you can dress up or down in any style you like. 3. She’s Electric This fashionable cardigan uses a neat slip stitch waistband and pairs a subtler color with a bright, in your face accent. It makes a wonderful attention drawing garment without being too flashy. 4. Hot Lava Cardigan This is a sort of long sleeved shrug — very flattering and dramatic, depending on the yarn you use. It suits just about any body type and is sure to find its way into your regular wardrobe. 5. Kaleidoscope This is another light, fitted cardigan knit in interesting colors to make a dramatic statement. It’s not so bold you can’t wear it around every day, though, so don’t let that scare you off. Don’t let the word cardigan worry you: these are definitely not items you’d find in a retirement home. These cardigans are fashionable, fitted, and absolutely gorgeous — pieces you wouldn’t think twice about buying in a store. If you’ve never made a cardigan knitting pattern, these are a great place to start.