Need Gift Ideas for the Knitter(s) in Your Life? Check Out These Gifts for Knitters

When the holiday season rolls around, we all think about knitting gifts, but what about gifts for knitters? Many of us know fellow knitters and wonder what we might offer to them. Or, let’s look at it another way. Has anyone you love asked you what you want for a holiday gift? Aside from “more time to knit,” you may be at a loss. So here’s some help: a list of great gifts for knitters, either your friends or family, or for you to innocently leave in the path of your friends and family as hints! (What? I said “innocently.”) Gifts for Knitters Gift cards: This is probably the best thing to give a knitter who loves to shop for yarn or needles. Get a gift card from a yarn shop, a craft store, or Amazon. Notions: Think of the things you’re always losing. For me, they are yarn needles and stitch markers. Tape measures, needle tip protectors, and thread scissors are other possibilities. Maybe a small set of crochet hooks for the knitter fond of circular cast-ons or who would appreciate an easy way to reclaim a dropped stitch. How about a row/stitch counter or a needle gauge? Needles: While needles tend to be very personal items in a knitter’s arsenal, you could choose one very special pair or set of needles. You could get something handcrafted, for instance, like a set of hand-carved wooden needles or some exquisite glass needles. Either the knitter in your life will treasure them like gold, or they will eagerly reach for them anytime a project calls for needles in that size. Cases: Knitters need places to put needles, notions, and skeins of yarn. Why not get them a great case for any or all of the above? Bags: Knitters ALWAYS need bags. They need bags to carry portable projects in, smaller bags to keep smaller projects in, even bags to hang all over their craft room to hold excess amounts of yarn. (I am not speaking from experience here. Absolutely not. Ahem.) Ball winder and/or swift: If you really want to knock the socks off your knitterly friend, how about springing for a ball winder and/or swift? This is an especially great gift for a frugal knitter who would likely never buy one of these for him/herself. Books: An amazing and wonderfully breathtaking number of books have been written for knitters. These range from pattern books to essays to history to humor to coffee table-type books and everywhere in between. Don’t know what your knitter needs or already has? Consider a gift card to Barnes & Noble or the local bookstore (or the local yarn shop or Amazon). Magazine subscription: Knit Simple, Vogue Knitting, and Love of Knitting are just a few examples of great magazines for knitters. Help / a lesson: Finally, if the knitter in your life is having trouble with something like reading a lace chart or has never knitted a pair of socks, why don’t you offer your assistance or to give a little lesson? It may seem small to you, but such a gift could open new worlds in the life of another knitter. Offer any of these gifts for knitters to the knitter(s) in your life, and you will undoubtedly get a gift in return — their undying gratitude!