Looking for a New Hobby? Try Finger Knitting

If you’re looking for a new hobby, don’t want to invest in equipment, and want something fun and easy, try finger knitting. What is finger knitting? It’s knitting without any knitting needles. Traditionally, finger knitting has been used to teach children how to knit. Now, finger knitting is gaining popularity due to the fact that knitting needles are no longer allowed on airplanes and it’s fun and easy. With finger knitting, you can make long, thin strips of stockinette stitch and you can make all sorts of projects with these strips; scarves, handles, straps, ties, and throw blankets.

Here’s how to do it:

1. Start with your left hand facing you and place the tail of your yarn in the area between your left thumb and index finger. 2. Start casting on by wrapping the working yarn over the index finger, behind the middle finger, over the ring finger, etc. 3. When you wrap around the pinkie, continue back in the other direction until you reach the index finger again. 4. Go around your index finger a second time and wrap all the fingers in the same way slightly above the wraps from the first time around. Keep the wraps loose so you can work with the stitches. 5. To make the first row, beginning with your pinkie, sift the wrapped yarn on the bottom up and over the tip of the finger. Keep the wrap on your finger as you pass the lower wrap over and off. 6. Continue doing this until you reach the index finger. 7. The next row and every other row start by once again wrapping the working yarn around all four fingers just like before. Next, each lower stitch is passed over the upper stitch and lifted off the finger as before. 8. This process continues until your project is however long you want it. 9. To bind off, on your last row, do not wrap the fingers. Each finger should have only one loop on it. Left off the loop on the pinkie and place it onto the ring finger. Place the remaining loop from the ring finger onto the middle finger and repeat the lifting off and moving over step until one loop is left on the index finger. 10. The finish, cut a tail and pass it through the remaining loop and pull it tight. There you go – a fast, fun, and easy project that you can do anywhere, anytime. Give finger knitting a try and you’ll be amazed at how many fun things you can make with it.