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Free Knitting Patterns for Your Star Wars Fan, Part II

May the Force be with you with these adorable R2D2 hats

In Part I we told you about some great free knitting patterns for cushions and bedding. But maybe pillows and blankets aren’t your thing, and you really want to learn to knit some Star Wars projects that you can wear. Well, have I got some great knit hat patterns for you!

There are several R2D2 hats to choose from because — let’s face it, everybody loves that droid. So, create your own Star Wars hats now.

R2D2 hat #1 This hat is a perfect example of using the Fair Isle pattern charts mentioned in Part I. Adapt them for your own purposes this time around. The hat uses both the R2D2 chart and the “May the Force Be with You” chart for the edges. The result is an amazing, and pretty, muted Star Wars hat that’s not too ostentatious. It’s perfect for Star Wars fans of all ages.

R2D2 hat #2 R2D2 seems to be a popular character on a hat and this pattern turns the wearer’s head into the top of R2D2’s head, complete with widgets. Create the hat off of a basic striped pattern and detail with a duplicate stitch. The hat’s creator has kindly included directions for either a child- or adult-sized hat. I have to smile at the thought of a grown-up wearing it with the three-dimensional pieces adorning it. Do note the creator’s warning in the beginning — you may get stuck making these for your entire neighborhood once people see the finished work.

R2D2 hat #3 This hat proves that many knitting methods can get similar results. At first glance, it looks very similar to Hat #2, but upon comparison the two differ a lot. Knit this hat using the intarsia method, and there are instructions for changing the colors to turn it into an R4D4 hat. To me, this one is just a little more appropriate for a grown-up, but preference may differ from person to person!

Other hat ideas

With the charts mentioned in Part I of this piece, it is easy to simply knit a hat of your choosing, and add a character onto it using duplicate stitch. Suggestions would be a grey hat with black Darth Vader pattern, a blue hat with a white Tie Fighter, or Boba Fett on a red hat.

May the creative forces be with you as you learn to knit some wearable Star Wars gear!