Knitting Water Animals Is Fun with These Free Patterns

Knitting, water animals: if you’ve never thought of these two as a great match, it’s time to think again. As a knitter and a freshwater aquarium keeper, I can tell you that the two have a lot in common. Both are relaxing, on one hand; on the other, both are very easy to become completely obsessed with! In honor of this, the following is a collection of the free patterns available for knitting water animals. You’ll find that some of the most whimsical and charming patterns available involve some of these fantastic creatures. You’ll find fish here, of course; you’ll also find whales, sharks, an octopus, a nautiloid, a sea turtle, and much more!

Free Water Animals Knitting Patterns

Flappy Flounder: Would you believe that a flounder is the most popular knitting pattern for a water animal available online? You’ll believe it when you feast your eyes on this ridiculously adorable flounder.

Fishies: These little guys are not only simple, but they’re also quite versatile. You can make them into catnip toys, hang them from string and attach to a baby mobile, make one into a fishing game with a string attached to a stick (and attach magnets or Velcro squares to the fish and string), or you can simply make a little collection for the fish-lover in your life.

Duuuude the Sea Turtle: If you’ve ever seen “Finding Nemo,” you’ll know exactly where this fellow gets his name. And you’ll undoubtedly want to knit him the moment you lay eyes on him!

Socktopus: Socktopus is without a doubt in my mind the cutest stuffed octopus in existence. It’s a great way to stash-bust, too!

Toy Lobster: Why do I enjoy lobsters but not scorpions? They kind of look alike, don’t they? Well, lobsters don’t have that scary stinger, which helps. Lobsters make me smile, whether they’re scuttling around in the water or lying on my plate. Yum. (You probably won’t want to eat this lobster, though.)

Hazel the Humpback Whale: I think humpback whales are among the prettiest whales in the ocean, and Hazel is a real beauty herself.

Nautie: Nautie is a nautiloid. He (she?) can be knitted with a coiled shell or a straight shell, whichever suits your fancy.

The Deadliest Crab: So named for the Discovery Channel show “The Deadliest Catch,” chronicling the dangerous job of catching king crab. This crab isn’t particularly deadly, of course — it’s downright cuddly!

Inuk and Baby Seal: Inuk is a more specific term for “Eskimo,” and the baby seal needs no interpretation. And I probably don’t have to encourage you to knit it, either. It’s so cute!

Whale Shark iPhone Cover: This handful can be used as an iPhone cover (and probably make it the coolest iPhone cover in existence) or it can be just a simple toy. Albeit a toy that could eat other toys (fun!).

Mochi Plus Trout Fishy: This beautiful rainbow trout could be a toy, or it could be a beautiful home décor piece.

Hammerhead Shark: Yes, the funniest-looking shark in the ocean has its very own pattern!

Seahorse Softie: I personally knitted three of these adorable sea critters! They’re as much fun to knit as they are to look at. (Scroll down to get to the link for the seahorse.)

Frida the Fish / Goldfish: These two are paired up because they both have the ability to be endlessly customized, depending upon one’s fishy preferences.

Juvenile Sea Nettle: These jellyfish-like creatures are so beautiful, I think they would work equally well as toy and home décor.

Scuba the Stingray: Have you ever watched stingrays swim through water? There are few more relaxing sights. Now you can knit your own ode to these peaceful creatures.

You can see I’m a sucker for water animals. I hope that you’ll find knitting water animals to be a joy — a great way to use yarn, have fun, and make others happy, too!