Knitting Instructions for Condo Knitting

Are you in the mood for some quick and easy knitting instructions to use for a fun project? Great! You’ll love this idea. It’s actually not a new idea and was popular during the 1970s. But for those of you that were too young to knit at that time or gasp! – weren’t even born, this stitch will be a treat for you.

Condo Knitting

I don’t know where or why this technique got its name, but the instructions for knitting it are simple and fun. Basically, this is simply a variation of the garter stitch – with a twist. The twist is that you knit using two completely different sized knitting needles. One size is the size the yarn calls for on the package. This is the pair that you’ll cast on with. The other knitting needle is a size 35 or any large-sized knitting needle you have. The simple knitting instructions couldn’t get any easier for this technique. All you do is knit every row except you knit one row with the small needles and knit the next with one small needle and one large needle. The result is that of a dropped stitch giving your work a very lacy look.

What Can You Use the Condo Stitch For?

This stitch is very popular for knitting scarves. During the 70’s, it was popular to use to knit beach cover ups. You could also use this stitch to knit a lacy top and wear a cami or blouse underneath. To knit a scarf, cast on with your small pair of knitting needles. Cast on however wide you want your scarf to be. On the next row, knit with the large knitting needle. Keep repeating this pattern until your scarf is the length you want. Read this blog post from Suzies-Yarnie-Stuff to get more ideas and see a picture of a scarf Suzie made using this knitting technique. Now, go to your knitting stash, pick some yarn, grab your needles and knit a ‘Condo’ scarf using these simple knitting instructions.