Knitting for Charity for Warmth & Comfort in Ohio: Luba’s Blanket

About 4 years ago, I discovered the knitting charity Luba’s Blanket. In 2005, this wonderful charity was formed to help the children victims of two terrible hurricanes, Katrina and Rita. Since then, Luba’s Blanket has evolved into a multi-armed program that reaches out to meet many different needs – some medical, some more personal and emotional.

While this terrific organization was once featured in a Knitting Nuggets Newsletter, it had never found its way to the Knitting for Charity website – until today. I’m happy to feature it again, not only because it’s such a worthwhile program, but also because it works out of and throughout Lorain County in Ohio, where I was born and raised!

One of the things I love about Luba’s Blanket is that every month, they focus on different medical needs (in addition to their regular charitable programs) and the colors that represent those needs. You can find that list on their web page. For instance, as I write this, it is April, and the medical needs and their corresponding colors are alcoholism awareness/red, autism/rainbow, and sarcoidosis/purple. Next month’s needs and colors are stroke/red, hepatitis/red & yellow, lupus/purple, mental health/gray, and arthritis/blue.

If you live in Ohio, you’ll appreciate the fact that most of their charitable donations stay in Ohio; if your heart aches for other parts of the world, you’ll be happy to hear that they also donate to satisfy needs in other countries as well.

How You Can Help

You don’t have to live in Ohio to help Luba’s Blanket, but if you do live in Ohio (or if you’re a native like I am!), this is certainly a terrific organization to support. You can make just about anything, and Luba’s Blanket will find a way to use it; however, their most pressing needs are rectangles for blankets and toys (for the children in the organizations they support).

You can find just about every answer to your questions on Luba’s Blanket’s website. If you find yourself with any other questions, scroll down to the “Contact Us or Donations” section, where you’ll find director Anysia’s e-mail address.

Note that if you do live in Lorain County, you can meet up with Luba’s Blanket’s local knitting group. Keep an eye on their website, which publishes the date of their next meeting.

This is a wonderful way for Ohioans to join with their fellow local knitters and create support, warmth, and love (“Luba” is actually Russian for “love”!) with needles and yarn. I hope you’re encouraged to help Luba’s Blanket meet local and worldwide needs with charity knitting!