Knitting Bucket List Item: Sweater Coat

Our second Knitting Bucket List Challenge comes from Heidi. On Facebook she posted: “I want a full-length sweater coat. I haven’t knitted it yet because I haven’t found a pattern for one in plus size. Real plus size. Not this size 12 is a 3X nonsense.” I loved the specificity of this particular bucket list item. Heidi wants to knit a sweater coat, but not just any sweater coat — it has to be plus-sized. So I set out to find free knitting patterns for sweater coats that provide plus sizes. This was a little trickier than I had planned, because apparently many knitting designers have a different idea of “coat” or “jacket” than I do. When I think of a coat or a jacket, I think of a warm garment that opens in the front and either zips or buttons. I prefer them with a hood. (Although I suppose hoodless coats and jackets keep us knitting hats and scarves…) I guess this isn’t the industry-standard definition of “coat or jacket,” because when I selected this parameter in the Ravelry pattern browser, I got a lot of patterns that have short sleeves, are full of lace, have no fasteners or only one button (or worse, a belt to tie it shut)… I even saw one or two patterns that don’t even open in the front! Sorry. I realize this is my own problem. Onward… Anyway, I did eventually find several lovely patterns that fit the bill, and every last one of them also offers plus sizes — most if not all offer sizes up to 2X, and a few also offer 3X. I don’t think you’ll find any size 12s masquerading as plus sizes here, Heidi!

Free Knitted Sweater Coat Patterns with Plus Sizes

DROPS Jacket with Pleats in Textured Pattern: This is one of the few patterns you’ll find that’s hoodless. It has a nice high collar, so it’s warmer than your average hoodless jacket. I like how it’s cinched slightly at the waist, and I really love the textured stitch pattern. (Click “Continue to pattern…” at the bottom of the “Materials” tab to access this and all other DROPS patterns.) My Mink Coat: Who doesn’t want a mink coat?? Better yet, a faux mink coat, which is exactly what you get when you knit this project using 100% cruelty-free Lion Brand Fun Fur. (You can of course use any other fun fur yarn you wish.) Note that this pattern, like all Lion Brand patterns, requires registration at the website for access, but registration is free. Tweed on the Town: Tweed always looks so casually elegant to me. I also love the pockets, the buttons, and the shawl collar (not a hood, but still plenty warm). Hand-Knit Danbury Hooded Sweater Jacket: For my money, this coat looks like the warmest of the bunch! Made with chunky yarn, this pattern just cries warm and cozy and cuddly. Autumn Getaway: Here’s another jacket with a hood; the textured striping design adds interest to a solid-colored coat. Textured Car Coat: This Cascade Yarns design features a classic collar with a more modern textured stitch design. Long DROPS Jacket in Garter Stitch with Hood: The name says it all, really; this jacket and the Danbury jacket are probably the simpliest patterns in the bunch. No fancy textured stitching, just simple garter stitch paired with a large hood and enormous pockets. Perfect! Heidi, I hope one of these coat patterns have caught your eye. As for me, I think I’m ready to knit a coat myself with one of these free knitting patterns!