Knitting Bucket List Challenge: Argyle Socks

I have another Knitting Bucket List Challenge coming your way, and it is courtesy of Amy on Facebook. Her response to the question of what she wanted to knit someday was simple: “Argyle socks.” An understandable request given how iconic argyle socks are, especially in the world of knitting. Fortunately, a Ravelry search turned up many options for a beginner at argyle sock-knitting. There is an argyle sock class, a sock knitted flat, a baby sock, and several mock-argyle socks where the argyle comes via texture rather than color. Enjoy this peek into argyle sock knitting!

Free Knitting Patterns for Argyle Socks

Argyll Socks from Patons Knitting Book No. 316: If you’ve never knitted any socks before, much less argyle socks, this might be a good pattern to begin with. These socks are knitted flat (unlike most socks) and then seamed at the end. Argyle Sock from Socknitters: If, on the other hand, you *have* knitted socks but not argyle, this might be the choice for you. This is not just a knitting pattern, but an actual online class on knitting an argyle sock. From the page linked below, just click on the links at the top, starting with “Lesson 1” and working your way through to “Lesson 5.” D-Man’s Argyle Socks: Here’s another option for the new-to-argyle sock knitter: baby socks. Baby-anything is nearly always a terrific option for someone who wants to try a new knitting technique; the smaller scale makes the project seem much less intimidating. Business Casual: This is the first of three “mock argyle” socks: socks that use textured stitches to replicate the famous diamond shape of argyle rather than stranded knitting. This one is the simplest of the bunch. Fair Isle Free Argyle Socks: This pattern has the same idea (diamonds created with textured stitches), but the diamonds in this sock are a bit smaller. Funky Argyles: For a little zestier “argyle” flavor, check out the chunky diamonds created in this fun pattern. Simply Argyle Socks: If you don’t need a class, don’t want to knit baby socks, and just want to get your hands on a good argyle sock pattern that doesn’t hold your hand, this lovely, classic pattern is a terrific choice. Amy and everyone else with the urge to try argyle socks, I hope one these patterns helps you take one more item off your knitting bucket list!