Knitting Bags to Carry Your Knitting Projects

Have you finally decided that carrying your knitting projects and supplies in shopping bags just won’t cut it? Are you jamming everything in your cast-off diaper bag when you join your friends for a night of knitting, or into an old purse when you go on long trips? If so, it’s probably time to treat yourself to a new knitting bag, designed especially for holding all that knitting stuff.

Grandma’s Got a New Bag

As the cliché goes, these are definitely NOT your grandmother’s knitting bag. Today’s bags are specifically tailored to fit a knitter’s needs, from pockets for scissors to dividers for yarn. I plan on treating myself to a bag as soon as I complete my first sweater, so I’ve been looking around the Internet and bookmarking pages. These are three knitting bags that have caught my eye. 1. Green mountain knitting bags These hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind bags from Vermont appeal to my love of vintage cloth and buttons. I also love the drapery weight lining and the hand carved wooden handles. Martha Miller Sacco creates approximately 8-10 new bags each week and posts them on the site at 8:30 p.m. EST each Thursday. Register early because they sell out fast. I like the Addison Country Bag the most, but would be happy with any of them! 2. The Swift Knitting Bag You all probably know the story about the collaboration with Tom Bihn and Knitty readers. Tom used their feedback, along with his years of experience designing durable, artful bags, to create the Swift. I love the included clear bottom yarn stuff sack, which holds a ball of yarn and features a snap open/close grommet so you can run the yarn right from the bag to your needles. Your hands and shoulders will appreciate the padded handle, which you’ll need when you take advantage of the generous space available in the bag. 3. Namaste’s Cali Accessories I’m all about accessorizing, and Namaste’s Cali line of accessories for knitters makes me smile. The Clutch is a perfect marriage of fun and function, holding at least six pairs of needles. It is made of PVC-free, faux leather in seven gorgeous colors. Check out the patterned Shells, which are like eyeglass cases for your knitting needles. You can toss it in your bag and know your needles will be safe, and easy to find. I have a while to go before I’m up to completing my first sweater. But after I do, you can bet I’ll be rewarding myself with a new knitting bag!