Helping Knitting Charities — Guidelines for Giving

When we think about joining knitting charities, we often choose what interests us and what items are the most fun to knit. While all well and good, guidelines exist to follow before we knit for charity. When we do charity knitting, we need to knit in a way that helps the charity. Follow these guidelines as a good knitting volunteer.

Keep the receiver in mind

When knitting to help someone, the item must be helpful for that person. For instance, if knitting for soldiers, don’t choose feminine patterns or colors. When knitting chemo caps for cancer patients, choose soft yarns and knit in the round so no seams irritate sensitive heads. Make items for babies machine washable, in soft baby yarns. When knitting for children, choose colorful and playful yarns to cheer and comfort the child.

Follow directions

Many knitting charities contain free knitting patterns and instructions on their sites. These patterns follow their guidelines and meet the needs of their recipients. Follow those instructions for types of yarns, colors, and patterns. Also, look for instructions for pre-washing, packaging, and shipping. Be sure you follow the dates and shipping instructions to ensure your donated items get received.

Be practical

If you knit items for sale as fundraisers for a particular charity, remember practicality. Think about the buyers and what they will be interested in purchasing. Knit items in up-to-date patterns, colors, and styles. By doing this, make more sales and raise more money to help your charity. Knitting for charity is a wonderful thing to do. Help knitting charities by ensuring you follow specific rules and guidelines for donation.