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Help Newborns and Their Mothers through the Knitting Charity Miracles Happen

Recently Knitting for Charity featured the knitting charity Head Huggers, as well as one of its branches. While I researched Head Huggers, I happened to discover that its founder, Sue Thompson, had formed another knitting charity as well. And if you love knitting items for newborns, I think you’ll love this particular charity! It’s called “Miracles Happen,” and its mission is to distribute handmade items for newborn babies. These are mostly for newborn babies born to needy mothers, although they are made available to any woman who visits a pregnancy crisis center. In Sue’s own words from her website: “Sometimes, when a woman is pregnant, she experiences feelings of confusion, she may feel scared, or helpless. Her whole world is changing and she doesn’t know what to do. Many women have their own resources (family, friends, medical professionals) to turn to in this time of need. But many do not. Staff at pregnancy crisis centers are there to listen to these women, to share their concerns, and to offer real hope for their future. “Miracles Happen is a network of volunteers who make and distribute handmade items for a newborn baby’s early needs.” While babies are precious and always to be cherished, not every pregnant woman is excited for her future. Some such women are impoverished, abused, or have simply made a few bad choices (and who hasn’t?). These women often visit pregnancy crisis centers, and frequently these women need to be reassured that someone cares about them and that help is available to them.

How You Can Help

There are many ways you can help Sue with her mission at Miracles Happen. The easiest and most enjoyable way is to grab those needles (or hooks)! Miracles Happen accepts many items handmade with love for newborns. These can be clothing, blankets, bibs, and/or toys. Be sure to check the guidelines portion of the website before you start creating. Second, you can always donate financially. Even small donations help Miracles Happen tremendously, as the price of sending these items to pregnancy crisis centers and maternity homes around the country can be quite prohibitive. If you feel led to do this, visit the Contact page and let her know. Finally, Miracles Happen encourages local distribution groups. You can find a list of these satellite groups here. Note that there’s one in Australia and the United Kingdom in addition to several in the United States! If you don’t see a satellite group near you, consider starting your own. It’s not difficult at all, and you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing you’re making a difference in your own community. If this interests you, check the “Forming Satellite Miracles Happen Groups” page. This is a fantastic opportunity to help newborn babies as well as mothers in crisis. So if you love knitting baby items, why not consider supporting this wonderful knitting charity?