Get Your Yarn Stash Tidy and Organized with These Great Ideas

With a new year just begun, have you taken a look at wherever you store your yarn stash and sigh, “there really must be a better way”? Most of us knitters have a tendency to collect/gather/hoard (cough) a pretty large amount of yarn. And sometimes we do so more quickly than we can actually knit it up! We need to find some way to store and keep our yarn organized, if only so that the people we share our homes with don’t look askance at us when we insist we need more yarn! Here you’ll find some fun, clever, and best of all, inexpensive ways to keep your yarn stash neater and better organized! Neaten up Your Stash Store Your Yarn: The following three links all contain great ideas for storing yarn, from pegboards to magazine holders to shoe organizers to cans to closet hangers to plastic bins and just about everything else you never thought of! Six-Pack Craft Caddy: Need a way to carry around your knitting without getting everything tangled into a big mess? This six-pack craft caddy may be just what you need! Label Your Yarn: Here’s a clever use for binder clips – shelf labels! Organize Bits of Yarn: Need an easy way to keep your yarn leftovers organized and easy to use when needed? Consider clothespins! Creating Your Own System: The following two links will help you decide on the best way to organize and store your yarn – a system that will work for you! We hope these ideas will help you get your yarn stash looking so neat that you’ll love looking at your yarn again!