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Get Fuzzy Wuzzy with These Bear Hat Knitting Patterns

We’ve seen knitted dog, cat, and bunny hat patterns. Now I think it’s a good time to consider the kind of hat pattern that started this whole series: the bear hat pattern!

As with our other animal hat pattern collections, this collection will begin with bear hats with ears (and a few with faces). It will end with hats with bear images on it.

Ready? Let’s bring on the bear hat patterns!

Free Bear Hat Knitting Patterns: with Ears

Bear Cub Hat & Mitts: This adorable pattern comes in two sizes, newborn and 12 months, and it features not only a hat but also matching mittens. As a bonus, just by changing the colors, you can make any kind of bear you want — even a panda! To access the pattern, click “Download Printable Instructions” below the photo.

Bear Cub Toddler Hat: Want a hat pattern for a slightly older child? This pattern is the one for you.

Bear Head: This pattern cracks me up. It’s for an adult, and it’s designed to be furry and fuzzy like a real bear. Oh, and did I mention the “beard”? Take a look at the link and you’ll see what I mean…

Polar Bear Hat: This could of course be any color bear with a few simple yarn color changes. But the important aspects of this hat are the facial features. Appiques are knitted and then sewn to the hat, making this a very easy knit. To access the pattern, click “Download Printable Instructions” below the photo.

Knitted Polar Bear Hat: Again, this doesn’t have to be a polar bear hat, but it sure does look cute in white. I love the ear flaps and ties, as well as the “muzzle.”

Snow Bear Fair Isle Hat: Here’s a hat with ears and a bit more spice than most of the eared hats in this collection. Fair Isle basically guarantees spice, no? Another nice thing about this hat is its wide range of sizes. Knit it for a child or for the young at heart.

Baby Bear Hooded Cowl: The special thing about this pattern is right in the title: it’s more than a hat, it’s a cowl with a hood. But don’t let the title fool you: this “baby bear” offers sizes for both children and adults.

Big Bear Hat: Again, don’t let this title fool you: this is strictly a children’s hat, although it does come in multiple sizes. It features sweet little ties and offers the opportunity to use up any extra eyelash yarn you happen to have!

Free Bear Hat Knitting Patterns: Bear Images

Just two bear image patterns here, but happily there’s one child-sized and one adult-sized.

Toddler Teddy Bear Hat: Scroll way down this page and you’ll find an adorable hat pattern with precious teddy bear faces on it. As advertised, this pattern is designed to fit a toddler.

Polar Bear Motif Knitted Hat: The name says it all; this is a hat with several cute polar bears embedded. This hat is for adults!

So try knitting one of these sweet bear hat patterns, and you won’t have to hibernate this winter!