Fun and Free Knitting Patterns for Cat Toys

Give your cat hours of joy with a free knitting pattern for cat toys

If you’ve got a cat or two (or three) in your life, keep reading for some fun, free knitting patterns for cat toys. Just like people, cats are creatures of habit, and they enjoy having favorites; especially toys. Unfortunately, there are no indestructible cat toys and cats play hard. When the trash can becomes the final resting place for an old favorite, use these patterns to knit them a new toy to enjoy.

The World is a Toy to a Cat

The world is full of cat toys–whether you appreciate their choice or not. Pencils, milk caps and barrettes are just some of the things that turn my cats into playful kittens. Least appreciated is the continued theft of my kids’ stuffed animals out of the toy box (how do they do that with the lid on?).

If you’ve got a cat burglar in your house, check out this great felted toy mouse pattern. I suggest using any color except brown, black, grey, or white. It will help your nerves if it doesn’t resemble a real mouse too closely. (After all, you’ll be stepping on it in the middle of the night).

Or forgo toy mice entirely and instead knit your favorite feline this toy fish. Leave off the googly eyes so your inexpensive, handmade cat toy doesn’t lead to an expensive vet visit. Cats like to bite at accessories–simply stitch on black yarn if you feel the fish needs eyes.

If your cat has more sophisticated taste, consider either of these adorable patterns for feline dim sum. If you have the extra time, definitely choose the egg roll over the wonton, as it gives a cat a toy long enough to hold with all four paws. Leave out the soy sauce, but don’t forget the catnip. Just a little of the herb will have your kitty tearing full speed around the house with her new toy.

This creative hand knit bumblebee on a cord will also have your cat buzzing all over the place. This is a great toy for interactive play–in my house we call it “fishing for cats.” I especially love the fact that the cord is knit too. There are no sticks or rods for the kids or cats to get hurt with.

Remember that discount yarn is a great way to save money on projects like these. Enjoy these free knitting patterns for cat toys, and don’t forget to knit extras for your local animal shelter or rescue group.