Free Patterns for Jewelry Knitting

Jewelry knitting is my newest craze. I just discovered it and all the cool knitted jewelry online, and I can’t get enough of the stuff. Some of it actually uses yarn. Other times, it involves knitting with more surprising materials. Either way, it’s always fun, and it creates unique and interesting results. You can make jewelry for yourself, for presents, or for charity: I love to tuck knitted jewelry into other donations I know are going to women. Often women in trouble are facing psychological pain as well as physical need, and the gift of something purely pretty and fun can make all the difference. If you’ve never tried jewelry knitting, these free knitting patterns are a great place to start. They’ll help you start on the road to your reputation as a crafter extraordinaire.

Free knitting patterns for knitted jewelry

No matter your knitting experience, these free knitting patterns are sure to inspire you. 1. Shield Knot Bracelet This is a great pattern for those who like medieval feel to their jewelry. It’s perfect for history buffs and trendy teenagers alike and can range from punky to classy, depending on the colors you use. It’s also a protection symbol, which is a nice touch for gift making. 2. Julie This is a fantastic necklace. The author based it on an expensive piece in a high fashion magazine, and the finished look is surprisingly professional — don’t be surprised if people ask where you bought it. 3. Metallic Cord Beaded Bracelet This is another very cute, quick, fun, and easy pattern. You can make jewelry like this for only a couple of cents per piece, and it looks great, makes fantastic presents, and has just enough flash to make it worthwhile. 4. Paramount Cuff This is a fun design with a retro feel. You’ll love the beadwork and the simplicity. This is one of those knitted jewelry pieces that dresses up any outfit, from a flapper dress to jeans and a t-shirt. 5. Needle and Wool Knitter’s Brooch This piece is more cute than classy — it definitely looks like a craft, but a fun one. It would be an entertaining thing to make with a knitting circle as a sort of badge of honor for the whole circle to wear to your meetings. 7. Harry Potter House Scarf Earrings Do you love the Harry Potter house scarves but not want to go to the trouble of making one? These earrings are for you! Whip up one from each set and change houses depending on your mood. If you’ve never tried knitting jewelry, here’s your chance: pick one of these fabulous patterns and get started today!